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I am a big fan of daily supplements, but not so obsessed that I feel I have to take too many to feel healthy. Besides, I would forget to take everything if I had more than 3 things to take! (lol) The girls in Greenlife, Totnes very kindly gave me two things to try to see how I got on with them. So I decided to include them into my routine to see if they made me feel any different. The first one I tried was the Silidyn -Strong Bones, Connective Tissues, Hair, Skin, Nails.

Silidyn’s mineral ingredients, Zinc, Selenium and Manganese, contribute to the maintenance of normal bones, hair, skin and nails, support the normal functioning of the immune system and healthy formation of connective tissues. Which is amazing. So I take 8 drops of this every morning in around half a glass of mineral water. Retailing at £19.95 which is not too expensive for an all around multi mineral supplement. In all honesty, I have yet to feel/see the benefits of this one but, I’m sure it’s working. I will give it more time, then maybe give you Guys an update, so stay tuned.

The second is the (actually quite tasty) Turmeric Spray by Better You.

Turmeric contains Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and comes in a yummy Orange flavour. The idea is you just spray it into your cheek as there’s better absorption into the blood this way as opposed to tablet form. Which I think is excellent as I am a terrible pill swallower (I hate doing it) Turmeric has many amazing health benefits, and for you guys who like to take a more Holistic Approach to your regimen, this is perfect. It retails at £17.95

Both of these products can be purchased at Greenlife:

Lastly, I take a multi strain probiotic for my tummy every day and my probiotic of choice is by Bio-Kult. I love how you can sprinkle the contents of the capsule onto food and take it that way, which is idea for pill swallowing avoiders like me 🙂 It’s very important to keep your stomach happy and healthy.

This post has been in collaboration with GreenLife in Totnes, Devon.

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*This post is in collaboration with Eat Real Snacks



Two Saturdays ago, my Mum suggested we go to her current favourite coffee shop to try some hot chocolate she had told me I MUST try. So we made a date.  I started my Morning off with a berry, veg, cacao, and Ayurvedic superfood powder infused Smoothie which is incredible and super good for you. Before heading to the Coffee shop we stopped by a cute store I’ve never been in before but always looked at when I walked past, and it’s called ‘Earth.Food.Love’.




It’s honestly one of my new favourite stores. There’s everything from ground herbs & spices to planet friendly toothbrushes, homeware, and every other Eco Essential under the sun. The staff are wonderful, friendly, chatty and very helpful. So please visit this place if you’re ever visiting Totnes. There was lots of hustle and bustle with relaxed vibes which shows how popular the store is. I purchased some Cinnamon and a little glass jar to store it in, mini wooded spoon included for just under £4. Super cute! Go ahead and give them a ‘like’ on Facebook:




We then headed to the infamous (because of my Mums constant mentioning) ‘The Hairy Barista’ Coffee Shop, which is one of the most delightful little place’s I’ve seen for a while. I usually have to visit a Coffee Shop at some point on a Saturday as there is nothing nicer for me than catching up for a chat over a hot drink in a buzzy little place. The seating area is all ground level so when you’re  looking out of the window it feels really funny to be watching shoppers pass by just above you. It feels like a cozy hide-out, and to my delight there is an actual ‘choice’ of hot chocolates! Strong (which my Mum gets) or the milder, lighter one which I chose, and it was.. super tasty, creamy, and yet made completely dairy free! The levels of strength are determined by the cacao powder used. Mum had hers with Oat Milk which is sooo good. I chose my usual Almond Milk. As I got up to leave I couldn’t resist checking out the many cakes and sweet things on the counter. I definitely have to try the delicious looking GF Red Velvet Cake next time I visit. See more info here:

My milder Hot Chocolate:


Mums stronger one in her Reusable Eco Cup:


The scrumptious looking delights at The Hairy Baristas, Totnes.


After some shopping in GreenLife and Superdrug, we then decided to go to The Royal Seven Stars for a plate of chips to share which rounded off the afternoon really nicely. The hotel is a family favourite here in Totnes. I arranged my Mums surprise 50th Birthday meal where all her friends and family were waiting, to be held there, and I had my 30th Birthday Meal there with family and friends. Lastly, I snacked on my favourite Eat Real Veggie Straws of which they were so kind to send me a huge box of their crisps and snacks. They are sooo healthy and a great way to satisfy a crisp craving without eating lots of salt, preservatives and other unmentionable nastiness. So, Guys, I hope you enjoyed my post. Please visit Totnes if you are in Devon, as it’s a quirky, friendly, amazing little town with lot’s to do and interesting people to meet.




SJ xo



Lulu & Boo Organics and Centella


It’s official. Autumn has arrived. and it’s just under a week before Halloween!! I’m loving my long hot showers in the evenings and homemade stewed Apples with Raisins, Cinnamon and Nutmeg, to help balance the Vata Dosha. Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle is totally my thing right now.

Without further ado, here’s my current night time routine Guys. Enjoy!

Firstly I put my hair up in a messy bun. I always take my mascara off by rubbing a little Vita Coco Coconut Oil into my lashes, and then into my skin. Yes, it makes me look like a Panda, but hey it’s all coming off with Superdrug’s own brand Baby wipes, which are an absolute staple for me.  They are fragrance, colour, paraben, and animal cruelty free which are a total must for me. I then head into the shower with a little naturally derived Cleanser, from ‘Aromatika’ in Totnes. Using the gorgeous natural *Vanilla Body Scrub from Lulu and Boo Organics, I scrubbed my ankles, legs, knees, hips and bottom, stomach, arms and elbows. Anywhere I felt needed a little invigoration. I love the smell of this scrub,’s so deliciously edible! The packaging is also cute and looks lovely in your bathroom. It’s made with Organic Brown Sugar, Coconut Butter, Almond and Jojoba Oil to moisturise, helping to reveal soft glowing skin. How could a girl refuse?!  I then washed my hair with my current fave shampoo & conditioner, pinned my hair up to let the conditioner work it’s magic while I get on with washing my body with the totally yummy shower wash that I’m absolutely loving right now. Another vegan, naturally derived product that just make my shower time that much better. I use a Gillette disposable razor and I love these cause turquoise is my fave colour, you will find that I choose many things based on their colour (it’s important, c’ome on Guys!!)

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After I got out of the shower I massaged Coconut Oil into my body and then applied Cliniques Moisture Surge onto my face, dropped a few drops of Lavender oil onto my pillow, then went to bed for my Z’s.

Stay tuned for my ‘Typical Saturday in Totnes’ post coming up next and a big thanks to The Macrobiotic Shop-(*this post is in collaboration with) for gifting me this yum Body Scrub. Buy it here:


Fragrance has always been so important to me. I’ve always been the kind of girl you find at the perfume counters in department stores smelling literally all the perfumes to find a new favourite. But to be honest, I always go back to my trusty Givenchy Perfume. It’s a staple for me and my signature scent. My love of high end perfumes started when I was 15 and was given a box set of mini Givenchy perfumes from my Aunt. I also remember my Father buying me a perfume called ‘L’Interdit’ by Givenchy that Christmas and I remember reading that it was a favourite of Audrey Hepburn. So, whilst all my friends were spraying ‘Impulse’ I was there with my Givenchy. Don’t get me wrong, I was a total body spray girl too, in particular the ‘So…?’ range and anything with a Vanilla Scent. But there is just something so lovely about a designer perfume and for me ‘Amarige’ by Givenchy is my all time favourite. Clockwise from top: ‘Paradise Body Mist’ by Superdrug, this is a light Tangerine/Green Tea/Vanilla scent and perfect for every day. ‘Amarige by Givenchy, my all time fave, I’ve also worn this on many a Photo Shoot. ‘Vanilla Dream Perfumed Oil ‘by Sacred Scent, this was given to me as gift from my Sister on her return from travels to India. I know she bought it there so I’m sorry but I don’t know where it’s available to buy. This is a completely natural perfumed oil and smells delish. ‘Island Vanilla’ by Pacifica* is my perfect every day that I use on top of the Paradise Body Mist. Thanks to Greenlife in Totnes, I was generously given this perfume. Which is funny as I was already a fan of this scent and carry around the rollerball mini in my handbag! How synchronistic! I suppose that a Vanilla base is probably my favourite scent ever and so this natural perfume is perfect for me. ‘Fantasy’ by Britney Spears has been a staple since I was a teen and I wear this for a fun day shopping, meals out with family or friends or the cinema.  It’s really a fun and youthful scent that is timeless, so I’ll always be a big fan of this one.





*This post has been in collaboration with ‘GreenLife’, Totnes. You can find the whole Pacifica Perfume range at this store Guys. Go check it out!


I love Saturdays. It’s always been my favourite day of the week, and now that the colder weather is pulling in we find ourselves naturally feeling in need of a more nourishing and satisfying breakfast. And it’s a bonus that there is usually more time to prepare one at the weekend. So here is my ideal, healthy, and filling start to the day:

I used:

  • Half a Cup of Organic Quinoa
  • 1 Tsp Maca Powder
  • 1 heaped Tsp of Acai Berry Powder
  • Dessert Spoon of Koko Dairy Free Plain Yoghurt
  • Small handful Coconut Flakes
  • Sprinkling Cinnamon Powder
  • Half Tsp Organic Honey
  • Dessert Spoon Lemon & Coconut Koko Dairy Free Yogurt
  • Level Dessert Spoon Organic Chia Seeds


Boil the Quinoa in a cup of water on the hob, then turn down to medium heat for around 10-15 mins. Mix the Chia seeds in a small bowl with a little water and set aside. Stir in the Yoghurt, Maca Powder and Acai Berry Powder. Add it all to your breakfast bowl. Top with the Coconut Flakes, Cinnamon, Honey, Lemon & Coconut Yog, and Chia seeds which have been left to soak up the water. The consistency should be kind of thick and gloopy.

And there you have a superfood filled, satisfying, warm and delicious Breakfast perfect on a cold Autumn Morning.







This post has been in collaboration with Koko Dairy Free, which do yummy yogurts of all different flavours. My favourite is Strawberry, and they are all dairy free. So amazing!

What are you Guys favourite Autumnal Breakfasts? Please share below.



*In collaboration with Dr.Hauschka and Greenlife (Totnes)


It’s safe to say I absolutely love this brand. For the past few years when I’ve taken a trip to ‘Greenlife’ in Totnes I have spent many a lengthy time browsing their Dr.Hauschka counter. Trying out the various lipstick shades and tester creams. All beautiful colours and yummy smells. This brand has an amazing reputation. Their products are 100% certified natural and organic skincare and makeup. Free from synthetic fragrances, colours or preservatives, mineral oils, parabens, silicones and PEG. That’s a lot of free-form’s right there. Also animal cruelty free, can this brand get any better?

Dr.Hauschka Night Serum is really nice and it smells like lemons! (later finding out the main ingredients is apple!)  It’s really refreshing and you just know its pure goodness in a tube. I put this on before I retired to bed and my skin felt lovely and refreshed in the morning. It’s aim is to help restore the skins natural balance. It’s ideal for all skin types.

Dr.Hauschka Hydrating Hand Cream I absolutely  love hand cream and it’s one of my main must haves. I apply it every morning and evening and throughout the day as I really dislike dry hands. It is never an excuse not to have baby soft hands. So this hand cream had a lot to live up to. I have to say I’m not too keen on the smell of it, but it did leave my hands super soft and it wasn’t greasy at all. The smell is not unpleasant, it’s fresh and again, citrusy but I prefer really sweet smelling hand creams. This is perfect though if you like that fresh scent.

Dr.Hauschka Almond Soothing Bath Essence Given that I am unable to take baths at the moment instead I shower, I am looking forward to the time I can use this delicious smelling Bath essence in the near future. It smells of almonds and a fresh spring day, it’s right up my street, just really lovely.

Dr.Hauschka Quince Hydrating Body Milk

I loved the feel of this body milk, even though I prefer body butters and something more creamy and thick I did love the refreshing feel this gave my skin. Again it has a natural scent and if a richer cream is your thing then Dr.Hauschka offer a wide range of creams for every taste and requirement. This cream is cooling and soothing and easily absorbed. The perfect summer moisturiser I would say.

Dr.Hauschka Facial Toner

This is excellent and I feel like I should say this was my favourite product to use. It is SO refreshing and smells lovely and healthy. It’s oil free and gentle enough for sensitive skins. Perfect for tired skin that needs livening up. You just simply mist it onto your face, gently press it in and enjoy the refreshing fragrance. With extracts of Witch hazel and Anthyllis this is the perfect toner and start to the day.

Dr.Hauschka Rose Day Cream Light

This light moisturiser is so lovely. It’s ideal for sensitive, dry or easily irritated skin because it’s so gentle. With Rose and Marsh mallow extracts it’s a lovely gently fragranced daily moisturiser. It promises to balance and revitalise. Avocado, Sesame oil, and Almond oil gives the cream a delicious texture and helps skin to stay supple and youthful .It’s aim is to keep skin hydrated and I can totally see this would be the case with daily use. I love this and may purchase from the vast day cream range that Dr.Hauschka offer.

Dr Hauschka Lipliner in 01

I purchased this a few months ago and it’s the perfect nude/rose. It’s super soft and Dr.Hauschka’s range of Lipliners are made from Anthyllis, Witch hazel, Black tea and Rose. I’ve never heard of a Lipliner made with such amazing natural ingredients! The big bonus is that it actually stays put for hours too. Which is what we all want from a Lipliner. There is a little brush on the opposite end, to help blur out harsh lines, if that’s the look you’re going for.




Such a privilege to try out these products from a brand I’ve been a fan of for a long time and I will deffo be purchasing some new skin care. Love you Dr.Hauschka!

A big thanks to Lydia and Tori at Greenlife Totnes.

All products mentioned can be bought here: and here at Dr Hauschka:


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We’re at that time of year when we feel we want to put away the light pink lippies and anything that is seen as a ‘Summery’ colour. We’re opting once again for gorgeous darker shades such as roses, browns, and nudes when it comes to lip colour. I love this time of year. When I think of Autumn I think layering clothes, greys, blacks, and I adore leopard print-anything! So when I took a trip to my local Superdrug recently I was super drawn to the GOSH counter as I saw the words  ‘Paraben Free’ literally shouting at me. I was super pleased to later find out that this brand is also Animal Cruelty Free too! I totally fell in love! I browsed their many gorgeous new ‘Forever Shine’ shades of which there are many, and I chose the beautiful autumn worthy shade that is ‘Love Story’. Not only do I LOVE the name of it but the shade is a rather beautiful dark rosey brown. It’s super light, with a sublime subtle shine. It’s just perfection, that’s all I can say really. It’s super soft with simple packaging. A perfect handbag staple too, and at £6.37 it’s ridiculously affordable. I can see this lipstick is going to be seeing me through Autumn and long into Winter and I am hoping they never discontinue this lippie. I just love it that much.


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I would love to know what your fave makeup staples are now we are fast heading into Autumn. Comment below! and have a great weekend everyone! xo


As the weather starts to get colder and Autumn sets it, it makes me feel like I want to bump up my Natural Skincare regimen. I just love the feeling of knowing what I am putting on my skin is made from the best kinds of ingredients  as possible. So starting with Garnier Skin Active Micellar Water which is a gentle cleansing fragrance free water for sensitive skins. Using a Superdrug Cotton Pad I cleanse my face and neck with this. I like to apply the Centella Beauty Serum sent to me by the lovely Georgina from a company called the Macrobiotic Shop *this post is in collaboration with* based in the Peak District National Park. This serum has the promise of keeping skin antioxidised thanks to the Portulaca extracts, Green Tea, Seaweed and Grapefruit Seeds with the added moisturisation benefits of  Rosehip, Jojoba, and Evening Primrose Oils to name just a few. Keeping your skin as beautiful as can be. At £20.50 this serum is an affordable way to include some goodness into your beauty routine. It’s totally handmade from natural botanical extracts! This serum can be applied first thing under a moisturiser in the morning or, as a treatment in the evening. Due to the strong fragrant Lavender quality, it would be super lovely to use this at night just before bed as a relaxing treat to get you in the mood for a bliss filled night of beauty sleep.  Shop it here: .

For a light Daily Moisturiser I love Faith in Nature Replenishing Moisturising Cream, Vegan, Organic and Cruelty Free. It is really light and refreshing but also has the quality of a high end moisturiser, it smells really lovely and powdery too.  It not the typical ‘healthy drug store’ quality, and we all know what i’m talking about here, don’t we guys!  For my body I love Vita Coco Coconut Oil, which is available in a travel sized tub which is super cute and handy. I like to slick a little on my lashes and brows at night. I’m sure that’s why my lashes are so long, thanks to coconut oil! For a gorgeous treat I love to use my beloved Frangipani Body Oil from Aromatika in Totnes to keep me smelling Goddess worthy. For those of us who need a little spot treatment every now and again, I recommend Good Things ‘Stop that spot clearing gel’ made with Superfruit extracts such as the likes of Papaya and Acai. It’s free from nasties, Vegan, and smells like delicious berries, like all Good Things products do. I love this brand for the fragrances alone. For a daily hand moisturiser I use the travel sized Lavera Handcream which smells delish! It’s also small enough to keep in your handbag.

I hope I have given you some ideas on what you can include into your own Skin Care Basics must-haves, now it’s getting chillier when our skin is in need of extra protection and goodness. If you have any of your own fave products I would love to hear about them below!


image_2tn1_78492Cushion is: Kylie Minogue at Home (a recent Birthday gift from my Mum).


*This post is in collaboration with Benefit Cosmetics and Clinique.

It was my Birthday last Saturday Guys, and I am feeling I need to get on and create this post before I forget what I got upto. I decided to spend the day shopping in one of my favourite citys,.. Plymouth. It has THE BEST shopping centre, ‘Drake Circus’, with my favourite stores all in one place. Heaven. Lingerie shops, Jewellery stores, Starbucks and Yo Sushi! Everything to keep me entertained. Like most girls I love shopping, but I think I have a problem, I could shop all day,.. and all night. On past trips, family and friends have accompanied me and have gotten tired after a few hours while I’m like ‘oooh, I’m just popping in this one’!  I can shop for England, seriously. The funny thing is, I absolutely hate trying on clothes. That’s my least favourite part of a shopping trip, so luckily I didn’t have that problem this time. I wanted a hassle-free browse.

I took the train early afternoon and it was a gorgeous journey, lots of greenery (it is Devon, guys) and arrived at Plymouth Central. I chose to spend the day on my own as I wanted the most chilled day possible. Blogging has taken up most of my time recently since I started collabbing with Brands and I totally wanted to relax and enjoy my me-time. I headed straight for House of Frasier which I absolutely LOVE. Everyone knows my favourite thing ever is a department store, you can get absolutely everything you need in there! What’s not to love?!

Whilst in there I browsed the beautiful makeup and perfume counters, (I love Givenchy perfumes FYI) Bare Minerals, and Chanel and I headed over to the latest gorgeous Kurt Geiger Collection. I spotted several pairs of shoes and boots that are now on my ‘To get’ list. The sandals below are not on that list but I thought they were just too pretty to walk past and not take a snap of. I loved the black suede pumps with gold detailing and will be getting these. I have a ‘thing’ for black and gold right now, it just looks so,….stylish and chic! I also spent a lot of time in my favourite Lingerie boutique Boux Avenue. I love the little ‘B’s embossed into the silver heart charms on each pair of kicker, and I just love the range of colours and beautiful fabrics the nightwear comes in. It’s safe to say I am obsessed with this shop. I will be getting this pretty little pink and black, silky lace number below.










Whilst in Boots I was kindly given some samples to try by the Girls on the makeup counters. Benefit ‘boi ing industrial strength concealer in shade no1. Which I really like by the way, the colour is just perfect for me, and it’s really creamy and goes on really smoothly. It does cover darkness and stays put for hours. A great undereye concealer. Also the Clinique Beyond Perfecting 2 in 1 Foundation in shade 2 which is a little too dark for my skin but once buffed in it is a gorgeous light coverage. I really recommend this one for fair skins and for those who want a nice light and clean feeling foundation. Really impressed Clinique!



After all my shopping, I took myself and my many bags off to Starbucks for a delish and refreshing Matcha Latte before heading back to the train station. My favourite Ombar Centres ‘Coconut & Vanilla’ Chocolate really hitting the spot on my journey back home. In the evening  I spent time with family at The Royal Seven Stars Hotel in Totnes, opened my gorgeous presents, and tried my first Bellini Cocktail, and at £8 it was so nice to treat myself to a lux cocktail after a busy day shopping in the City (Clutch bag is: Mischa Barton).




Thank you to Clinique and Benefit Cosmetics xo




I was born in Cornwall, England, on September 9th 1985 and am of Scottish and English heritage. I was mostly raised in Devon, England, by my Father who was an ex professional Photographer and Artist and my Mother who was a creative homemaker. I also have a younger Sister, and older half Sister.
Some of my earliest memories are of my Father placing me in front of his camera to hold his paintings while he photographed them for his Art Exhibitions. From a very early age I have been totally at ease being in front of the lens. As a small child I attended Ballet Classes as well as going to my Fathers Art Classes. When I was around 10 years old I saw the movie musical ‘Bugsy Malone’ which started a lifelong passion for acting, singing and dancing, I then went on to attend
Irish Dance Classes. In my mid 20’s I attended Modern Tap classes. I also have a passion for further education due to having left high school early. I studied ‘Art and Design’ at North Devon College in 2008 as Art was the world I was surrounded by since I was born. I also went on to study with The Open University in 2015.

I have been a published Model for over 6 years, after being discovered by the photographer Lee Turnbull at the Rougemont Hotel in Exeter, late 2011. I mostly shoot for the BDM Publishing Series Magazines, a few titles being ‘Photoshop CS6’ ‘Digital Photography-A guide for beginners’ and ‘Photoshop for Photographers’ among others, with Photographer Mark Frost.

Excitingly I recently came 24th place in ‘Cornwalls Sexy list, top 50’, and 22nd place in ‘The Cornwall Model list top 50’ as well as featuring in many online news articles. I most recently have discovered a passion for Lifestyle Blogging! Even though I have been writing this Blog for over a year and a half, I have a fresh new love of collaborating with many Brands, to creating interesting Blog Posts (hopefully) for you Guys to read. 


Thank you all so much for sharing this journey with me!  xo


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