Summer 2018 Highlights

Hello Everyone,

I really hope you all had an amazing Summer, and now it’s officially getting colder and the nights are drawing in, I thought it would be a perfect time to share some of my Summer 2018 highlights with you and invite you to reflect on your own Summer. Was it everything you dreamed it would be? If not, how could you improve it for next Summer?.

As i’m sat here, with Lana Del Rey playing through my Portable Sony Speaker my Mother got me last Christmas, listening to ‘Summer time Sadness’ which is actually guys, my favourite song, I reflect on that fact that it was no Summer Time Sadness for me this time. I’ve decided to live my very best life and have a lovely summer since my Dad passed away at the beginning of the year. He would tell me to stop moaping around and enjoy my life and it is strange that the very next track ‘Terrence loves you’, has started playing as I write this sentance as, this is the song that I attribute to my father and it’s kind of ‘my song for him’. Syncronicity is very much alive today guys!

So, grab yourself a cup of tea or hot chocolate (as isn’t HC perfect at this time of year?!) and enjoy reading about a few of my highlights just past.


Truely Delighful Bridal Visit

I have recently been planning and scemeing how my future wedding is going to go and I found myself really thinking about this seriously the whole of this Summer. Who am I kidding?!,..I’ve been planning it since I was 10 years old to be honest! but it’s now time to really make some plans and get a vision going. I’ve always dreamed of the perfect wedding with a massive dress and to be a princess for a day. Everytime i’ve walked down a particular street here in Totnes, i’ve passed the cutest little Bridal Shop called ‘Truely Delightful Bridal’ with gorgeous diamante studded shoes, pretty vintage looking lace garters with ‘something blue’ bows on, and beautiful wedding dresses in the window in shades of pastles, creams and whites. One Christmas I even saw a bright fusia pink one displayed in the window. I just couldn’t resist taking my Mum in there for a visit one afternoon. The owner is a really lovely friendly lady and asked us if we needed any help in which we kindly said we were ‘just browsing the beautiful things’ in the shop. We looked through the racks of amazing wedding dresses, shelves of glittering accessories and stands with pretty hats on. I have a pretty clear idea of what I want my dress to look like and where I will purchase it from so I was just content to browse, enjoying the fact that we were in a little fairy tale for a while. Truely Delightful Bridal is like a dream wedding boutique as it’s cute and very princessy, and the window displays are always amazing! After we left, ideas going crazy in my head with all the wonderful things we had seen, I decided I will be purchasing an accessory by ‘Scarlett Vintage’ from the store. Even though i’ve not even gotten engaged yet I feel it doesn’t mean I can’t have an active part in my future plans, I feel it helps everything come together nicely when you put the engery out into the universe. It’s like saying ‘Hey, i’m ready’! So, you guys will have to wait and see what it is I decided on buying, when i’ve uploaded my actual ‘Wedding Day’ post one day..soon, which will be the most exciting post I will ever write in my life ❤

I took mum wedding accessory viewing

Ladies who lunch (or do afternoon tea! )

A couple of afternoons this Summer my Mum and I have visited our favourite tea rooms in Totnes. One in the high street called ‘Anne of cleaves’ has the most amazing cake selection! It is extremely challenging not to walk passed the window, as I have done on many occassions and not to seap into a trance like state at their rows and rows of sponges topped with every kind of delicious sweet icing known to man. This is one of the reasons I love these kinds of oldy coffee shops as they have ‘proper cakes’ and everyone knows I love a good slice of cake. Especially with Afternoon tea most days. Another favourite of ours is The English Tea Rooms in the Narrows in Totnes. They sell a range of amazing teas from around the world, and it was here I descovered a love of Jasmin tea. How did I not know of it’s existance!? And they do the most scrumptious little scones with jam and cream. I’ve also noted the amazing looking merangues, and every time I go in there I feel like I havent enough time to look at all the antiques for sale and beautiful looking china tea sets. It’s my heaven, for sure, and looks so stunning at christmas time with it’s cozy looking windows and yummy treats in the windows. I really am

the luckiest girl to live in such an inspired amazing town with these kinds of delightful shops at every turn.

Jasmin tea at The Tea Rooms in the Narrows with Mum (1)

Jasmin tea at The Tea Rooms in the Narrows with Mum (2)

Jasmin tea at The Tea Rooms in the Narrows with Mum (4)


Totnes Market

Usually on a Friday afternoon, there is a great market at the top of the high street. People selling things from indian shawls, vintage clothes and homewear, to second hand dvds, books, rugs and faux fur coats. I’ve seen many things I would love to get for my flat, when browing this market, there are goodies literally everywhere! It’s like an outside Aladins Cave! One of these particular stalls is manned by a lovely couple who are actually my neighbours, and they sell pretty china pieces. When looking at these lovely treasures one day this Summer, my eyes were lead to a beautiful pink and white china soap dish with a rose in the center, by a company called ‘Rosewood’ and I knew I had to have it for my bathroom. It was just too pretty not to purchase, and whilst looking at a sweet little trinket dish also, the kind owner said I could have it as a moving in gift! So that one now lives in my kitchen.



Breakfast on my Balcony

At the weekend, I love to enjoy a plain or almond Couissant with a cup of decaff gold coffee or reeboos tea and some yoghurt and fruit. Sometimes I’ll make pancakes or have scrambled egg on toast with a sprinkle of Rosemary and salt, but usually I love something sweet. and I find a Couissant hits that spot delightfully. During the beautiful sunny mornings the sunshine streams onto my balcony by which I sit on a cushion and enjoy the suns raze on my face. There really is no point trying to sunbathe unless I wanted to look like a zebra!

Morning Brekkie (3)

Highlights at Amanda Marsden Salon

Nothing fancy to tell you guys here only that I needed to get some highlights done by the lovely Lillie at Amanda Marsden who has since had her little Baby, but in this picture she was as heavy as can be. I was literally talking to her bump whist she was dying the front section of my hair! (using organic Aveda dye). I send her little Delilah updates.


Getting my hair done at Amanda Marsdens Salon by Lilli (2)

Walk to Follaton

When on my walk to Follaton, the area I used to live in and where my family still lives, I passed the most gorgeous old Mansion which I think is now used as offices. All I could think of is that it would make the most amazing place to have a picnic at and I wondered who used to own the place, it is a little hidden from the main road, kind of like a hidden gem, and well worth the walk just to see it. I was due to see someone for an appointment nearby so I was just passing, but it wont be the last time I take a walk to the area just to see it in the future.

Follaton grounds

Angel Card Reading

My cousin Emma came to visit with my little Cousins and it was so great to see them and catch up. It was the first time they visited my new flat and I gave Emma a little Angel Card Reading after we had drinks and food at The Royal Seven Stars.

Emmas Card Reading by Me

Blackberry Picking

I am so fortunate to live just a few minutes away from the most amazing blackberry bushes, which had the biggest, most delicious berries growing on it, perfect for pies and crumble. One particular afternoon, I had been gathering a big pot full of them when a couple of people had obviously been to the pub and asked if they could pop around mine for blackberry pie, which was absolutely hilarious, especially as told them I was making crumble. One of the guys looked like a Pirate actually, and couldnt of been much older then me. These are the kinds of people I bump into in this town, it’s reeeeally random. But not dull at least.


Summer Eats

A few things I love to have during the warm Summer days are Smoothies & Milkshakes. Smoothies usually being spinach and fruit or in the morning i’ll have an Acai Smoothie. My milkshake of choice is usually Strawberry if I’m going for a usual Oat Milk shake, or, if I’m having one out i’ll opt for a Banana and Strawberry which is what I had here in the picture. My Homemade one is a Acai Smoothie of which you can find the reciepe here on my blog, just type a keyword into the search bar. My soup of choice was Tomato, nothing fancy, just one from a can, but oh so delicious on those cooler summer evenings, which I had with some vegan cheese on toast. One Saturday whilst out Shopping and Lunching Mum and I decided to visit Cranches Sweet Shop. I was totally in the mood for Love Hearts Sweets, but the Lavender ones looked lovely too and I used to love them as a kid so I was there deciding between these two, time was ticking on and just as I and everyone else was starting to loose patience, I made a swift decision (which I find to be the best way when being an indesisive pain for too long!) and opted for the Love Hearts in the end which, I couldn’t stop eating all afternoon!

My Smoothie

Strawberry and Banana Smoothie



Novel-The last days of Leda Grey by Essie Fox

Now Ladies and Gents, this book is an amazing find and has become my very favourite novel. The story is about an enchanting girl who becomes a star of old turn of the century silent movies. They are filmed in a shed turned fantasy world, with sets built by her theatrical brother Theo,and directed by her flame and passion, a man by the name of Charles Beauvouis. I would highly recommend reading this book, as it’s so very beautifully written by Essie, with every page a work of art and magic. Go read it peeps!

My Reads


Drama-Picnic at hanging rock.

Guys, have you ever seen the movie that was released in the 70’s? A beautiful but reeeally creepy film that has always facinated me since I was a kid. Well, this drama was a modern remake of it, and I absolutely LOVED it. It was probably my most favourite thing this summer and inspired my love of broidery anglais on tops. Every scene was filmed incredibly beautifully, and it was a joy to watch every week and I was SO sad when it finished. It was really creepy though but if, like me, you are a bit strange like that, it’ll be right up your street. I can’t wait for it to come out on boxed set. Whoo!

Obsessed with Picnic at hanging rock tv series


So those were a few of my Summer 2018 highlights. Did you enjoy this post? If so please feel free to comment below, also, i’d love to know how your Summer went. What did you guys get upto?




Play time (4)

Hi Everyone,

I hope you’re having a great Saturday and preparing for this Autumnal weather. It’s that time of year when the warm Summer days are gradually turning into colder, wet days. The leaves are turning a gorgeous shade of red and golden brown and falling off the trees. It’s so beautiful, and makes me think on the fact that each season has it’s own beauty. Autumn has begun guys! It’s always been my second favourite season, and my little one, Delilah, is now… 5 months old!! Where has the time gone??

It’s time I wrote this post about her as I love to keep you guys updated with the most special happenings in my life. Delilah is, to be honest, my Bestie. The time is going so fast and she’s growing so quickly that it just makes me want to freeze time and have her stay a small fluffy bundle forever. And she IS extraordinarily fluffy, she really has the softest most fluffy coat possible. I picked her up late June from a very generous girl who had done my hair for me a couple of times at Amanda Marsden Salon in Totnes. When I arrived at her home, I was immediately drawn to the little ball curled up behind her sisters. She looked up at me very coyly with big almond eyes and the most beautiful black line around them, which made her look like she was wearing eyeliner! She seemed very shy, and I was so drawn to her because I felt like we had a connection straight away. I am shy too! (yes, you guys are gonna find that hard to believe).


-2 Months Old and having first Sleeps

Since the family cat we had at my Dads house passed away, her name was Minnie, I almost shut down my heart to ever having another cat of my own. I loved Minnie so much and she was the one I used to go to to tell all my troubles. Her soft fur becoming a little damp through my crying episodes (poor thing!) family troubles, boy troubles, Minnie was there to comfort me. She was so loving and sweet and would just let me do my thing. I don’t remember her scratching or biting once in all her 13 years! and when she passed it upset me so much. I get so attached to my Animals and it’s taken me this long to heal to be honest.


-3 months old, she loves playing with Crystals?!


During this time when I would visit my Mother and Sister in Penzance, they had two Cats there which were Minnie’s babies. Minnie being a very dark brown and the father being a pure white tom, the litter of kittens where fully black and fully white and were adorable! My Mother has since been sharing her home with a tortoisshell female, named Kitty and her baby, Bugsie (named after Bugsy Malone) who’s not such a baby anymore, he is 11 years old! So, our family have always had Cats! I couldn’t imagine a home without one, and now I have my own place I finally felt ready to aquire my own furry little bundle.


Sleeps after play (1)

Delilah is mixture of black, brown, ginger, and white, and she’s sooo gorgeous. At the beginning of this year, my beloved Dad passed away, and she has been nothing short of an Angel in my life. She has the sweetest nature and wakes me up in the Morning with a paw on my nose or cheek and will literally stare straight into my eyes and sit on me until I sleepily get out of bed and give her her breakfast. She is such a Love and my total Bestie and she’s miraculously opened my heart once again. Pets are great like that arn’t they?! Delilah is a special girl though as she also teaches me and she is extraordinarily loving and so I allow her to get away with being a little stroppy sometimes (which she is guys) she’s a propper Mummies girl! So, as my little Moomin grows and i’m in awe of this little Angel that’s entered my life, I laugh with the thought that she is so similar to me it’s rediculous!! and I look forward to when I can take her out next Summer to walk down the lane near my place, (yes I am the kind of girl that takes my Cats on walks with leads!)

Besties (2)


-She’s such a poser!

I love to hear stories about your pets and anything animal related so please feel free to share your stories below and I will catch you next time. Until then,..

So much Love,

SJ xo



During the past few weeks I’ve rekindled my love of Berry picking. There are so many Blackberry bushes near my home that it would be silly not to, and during these warm Summer evenings there is nothing more relaxing and meditative than seeing how many I can collect for a good old Blackberry Crumble. Last night I made my first one of the year. Try this recipe out for yourself and I’ve love to know your thoughts on this delicious comforting seasonal dessert.

For the Crumble:

1 Cup Spelt flour

1/2 Cup of Oats

60g Coconut Sugar

60g Vegan Butter

For the Fruit Compote:

30g Vegan Butter

30g Coconut Sugar

Blackberries – (As much as you want to cover the bottom of your baking dish)

1/2 Tsp Cinnamon

To Prepare:

Put the thoroughly drained Blackberries into a good sized baking dish then add a little fresh water. Sprinkle the topping evenly over the top of the Berries, and cook in the oven for 20 mins on 190C

Note: It’s totally Vegan and really delish with dairy free yoghurt and honey or some cream.







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During the Summer months I find myself needing something light and delicious as well as refreshing and healthy for Breakfast.

Meet the Acai Bowl.

During these Mornings when I’ve now managed to wean myself of my beloved Porridge, I will have a decedant warm Croissant with Cherry or Strawberry Jam alongside my Decaff at the Weekends, during the week I’ll have a slice of toast with Honey, Dairy free Yoghurt and some Fruit and a cup of Coffee. But on those Mornings when I need something more chilled and super packed with Antioxidants and goodness, it’s super fun to opt for this Bowl, and I will sometimes have it as a Smoothie (add more dairy free milk or water for this!) Just make sure the Acai Powder is Organic and pure as possible, I like one by ‘5 Greens Super Food’

Here’s the recipe:

Half a large frozen Banana (chopped into chunks)

A handful fo frozen Berries

Half a cup of Rice/Almond or Oat milk

Half a cup of water

1 tsp Acai Berry Powder

Half a tsp of Ashwaghanda

Half a tsp of He Shu Wo

1 tsp Maca



How’s everyones week going?! Today I thought I HAVE to get on and post this as I’ve now uploaded 2 brand new videos to my Youtube Channel:

I’ve been so busy with moving into my new place and getting my new Kitten (who you’ll meet in my video) recently that now things have chilled a little I can start to put actual content on there, which I am sooo happy about. This means I get to connect and interact with you guys on a more personal level AND allow you a sneek peek into my personal life. This has been a challenge on a lot of levels, as I am by nature as you well know by now,..a very private person, so!…this is a very interesting avenue for me but one that I am getting used to and actually LOVING!!

So I invite you to watch my first video Introducing this website:

and my very first VLOG introducing my new little bundle, Delilah:

Let me know your views I really appreciate your input and comments, and please like, subscribe and comment under the videos if you have anything you wish to share with me. Let me know if there are any particular topics or what not you would like me to cover, if there is anything you want to ask me in general, or if you represent a Brand and would like to work with me for my Channel, I’d really appreciate your reaching out.

Enjoy and have a great week everyone!

Lot’s of Love,

SJ xo


So, if you’re reading this post it’s most probable that you are of a Spiritual mindset, on your own Spiritual Journey, or.. just being really nosey. It’s ok,..being nosey is totally fine. Everybodys welcome to read this post. But, if you are here because you resonate with the title of this post or are just needing some tips on how to get along on the crazy journey you are travelling down, or if you simply have an interest in Spirituality in general then this is hopefully going to really help you.

I’ve had so much help along my journey but as with most personal journeys the point of them are for the soul to develop on their own. You will go through moments completely ALONE and this is totally fine. You are perfect, right now, in this moment. That is the beautiful thing. Everything is ALWAYS as it should be. So my journey started when I was around 21 years old. No,.. I’d go so far as to say it started when I was born because I was what’s known as an ‘Indigo Child’ (more on that in a future post so stay tuned for my Spritual Series within the next few weeks).

At 21, after I left the long term and rather suffocating relationship I was in I found myself searching for my Other. The one that complimented me and the One that shared my own Heart. The longing for this person started when I was around 13, and it’s through waiting for him then him happening to me in that I found myself.

Indigo Child

I was born into the Jehovahs Witness religion (or should I say Cult, i’m still not sure on this) So I have a VERY religious background guys. My first answer into the microphone at one of the meetings was ‘The Angels’ so I was aware of, connected to, and friends with the Angels and Spirituality since I was 5 years old! I have always been somewhat of a rebel, and have no time for being confined or for putting up with old, outdated, and unhealthy patterns and systems. Which contradicts the fact that I’ve fantasised about being a Nun my whole life! Anyway,..So you can imagine that going to the meetings and then later on, high school, was like hell for me. I just wanted to be around my family, my pets, my friends, be a dancer or an Actor, and be in the Garden with Nature. As I grew up and began to experinece real difficulties, I would nightly say my prayers to God. He felt more like a friend to me, not being a scary figure the way many Religions portray him to be and I would frequently fall asleep while talking to him, I was totally comforted by his presence in my Life and am to this day.

The Dream

This was a very pivitol thing that happened, and looking back it was a definate ‘moment’ on my path. I met a Boy in my Dreams who I loved so much that I would wake up feeling totally in love. Like I had actually been with him in my waking life. They were THAT vivid. I knew I had met someone special and I had so much fun and shared sacred moments with this person. He had the most gorgeous brown eyes, dark hair, and was younger than me by a few years, but age did not matter as what we shared was so beautiful. Age has NO importance when the soul is in Love, neither does Gender in my opinion. I had no idea this person actually existed in real life. So I would ‘forget’ about these meetings as I went about my day carrying our secret world with me. A few years went by and life carried on.


Dark Night of the Soul

A dark night of the Soul is basicially when you reach crisis point on a personal and spiritual level. But it’s not depression of the mind, it’s a depression of the soul. I found my self at a point, having followed my intuition which led me to change my personal living situation and leave behind everything that was comfortable and comforting to me. I left friends behind, the place I knew as ‘home’ for the past 10 years and found myself feeling totally and completely alone. I felt so trapped and at my lowest that I would wake up most mornings crying because I realised I hadn’t died in my sleep and was unhappy I hadn’t. I was so depressed that I was scared to be alive and I felt and thought the only solution for me, at that point, was to no longer exist. I don’t mean to scare anyone or sound morbid, but if I’m going to put my stuff out there I HAVE to be completely honest otherwise I’m not helping anyone much at all! At my lowest point, I took a Sleeping Pill overdose and had to go to the hospital. This, my friends, is what’s known as a ‘Dark Night of The Soul’ it is unmistakable if you are going through it and are on a Spiritul Path already. I also stopped praying so much as I had lost faith and I had also experienced scary attacks from nasty enities as it was easy for them to get me at a low point. I had several Night Terrors of the worst kind. Dark Night of the Soul is different to the Anxiety and Depression problems I’d already had for years simply because of the set of events before and following, but of course you can only really see this with hindsight. If you’re going throught his yourself, know one thing. It’s for a higher reason and you have no choice but to see it though. If you need any help, advice, or support, and if you feel you are going through it right now, my email address is below this post as well as my Social Media. Feel free to contact me, I will do my best to guide you through ❤

Oracle Cards, Crystals, Astrology & Psychic Readings

I began to explore my Spiritual Beliefs more and more each day. God was guiding me and I had total trust in him. I also had a firm relationship in Jesus and the Archangels since I was a little girl. I have always been drawn to Crystals, the Yin Yang Symbol, and other spiritual things. One of my favourite movies has always been ‘Practical Magic’. I also learnt a little about Astology charts and know a fair amount about my own: Virgo Sun, Cancer Moon, Capricorn Rising 🙂 Who can relate?! I had gone to a Phychic for a reading as my Sister had bought it for me, with hesitancy as I was taught as a child you should never visit a Phychic as they are bad and just full of total woo woo. Anyway, this Lady told me I was about to meet the Love of my life. A few years past, a given that meeting my Big Love was my aim thoughout my whole life thus far, I let it go and was not even looking for him. I have written a few posts on this meeting before (just type in Twin Flame into the search bar) so i’ll not be going into detail much about this in this post. Yes, he is the Boy I met in my dream and totally freaking gorgeous! 🙂 ❤ I also love to do Archangel Oracle Card readings for friends and family, and have many crystals that I keep under my pillow, beside my bed or carry with me in my handbag. I specifically love Rose Quartz and carry one with me everywhere. Amethyst is another favourite of mine as it’s good for Psychic protection, it’s really pretty. Purple is one of my favourite colours. So i’d really recommend you carry your chosen crystal with you everywhere to get in touch with its energies.


Psychic Abilities and numbers 11:11, 222 etc

Soon after you meet your true other half, and are on this Journey, you will realise that there is a bigger picture here and that you probably already have Psychic Gifts of some kind. Be it Clairaudiant (hearing) Clairscentient (feeling) or Clairvoyant (seeing) I have all of them but am prodominatly Clairscentient and have been since I was a little girl. My hearing gifts came on board after I met my beloved as we send each other messages through songs and that’s how the skill developed. Telepathically. I am still a newbe to my Clairvoyance. So at this point in time, I wont speak on this much but if you have any questions about being Clairscentient and Clairaudiant i’d be thrilled to help you! My gifts are passed down through my Mum and her Mum. It’s called ‘The gifty’ in Scotland. And well, I have the gifty too. Thanks Grandma Chrissy! ❤ Just after I met my Love in 2012 I began to see numbers like 11:11 pop up everywhere, 222 is another one that I see a lot. So when I say ‘pop up’ I don’t mean you just see them. They will literally ‘Plague’ you until you HAVE to take notice and it’s then that you find out that it’s one of the magical ways God talks to you, you have to feel the meanings to the numbers for yourself to know what they mean for YOU. Because I am on the Beloved path they are shown to me for this reason, for others it will be different of course.

Reiki and Kundalini

I will be writing an in-depth post specifically on each of these subjects shortly, so stay tuned for those. If you are experiencing these, again, feel free to contact me. Upon recieving Reiki (which was by total accident,..or..was it?) subsiquently Kundelini energy has kicked in and this is something I am currently experiening so I dont really feel qualified in writing about this in depth yet. Dont worry if you are going through this too. If you, like me, are on the Twin Flame path, this is something we seem to go through as a collective. There is a very important reason as to why we do, and I guess time will tell when everything settles.

Ascension Symptoms

My recent experience going through Ascention sypmtoms has challanged me physically, mentally and emotionally for a while now. My personal symptoms have been much like that of having MS, in as much as, I get the inner tremmors and vibrations, tingling in various parts of my body and feeling dizzy a lot. I have been to the Doctors mulitple times only to be told it’s all in my mind and that it’s simply Anxiety, and that they cannot find anything physically wrong with me. You, my friends, will never find the answers you seek at the doctors surgery! You see, Indigos, Starseeds, and other kinds of Old and wise Souls are Earth Angels and Empaths, and are really here for a higher perpose than just being a Human on this Earth. It’s just something we go through. I’ve had to accept that and I have gone through MANY physical changes on this journey as well as Mental. I also want to say that my experience has been food cravings after and during times of upgrading to my physical and spiritual bodies. For example, I have cravings for heavy dense foods sometimes, salt, or really clean organic fruits & veggies. At other times I will just eat whatever is in my fridge because I am SO hungry. At times I literally feel pregnant which is really strange.

The running thread in all Old Souls, Empaths and Earth Angels life lessons and experiences, I have found seem to be

  1. Mirroring

  2. Kindness & Love.

If both of these things are not reflected in your own life than I feel it’s safe to say you are not on the Spiritual Path at all,you are just not here to experience Spirituality, and that is totally fine. Mirroring happens because we feel others feelings more than most and we tend to mirror others which can lead to them being totally uncomfortable or totally comfortable depending on who you are talking to and how evolved they are as a person. It is also to help others to see their patterns and remove them.

Kindness and love, I feel safe to say are the main things we are driven by and is why a lot of times in my life I’ve got into trouble. I also cannot stand labels like ‘Gay’ ‘Straight’ ‘Black’ ‘White’ we are all the same and everything inbetween. So please,.. let’s drop the labels from today!?

A word of caution: There are some people out there who are known as ‘Spiritual Narsisists’ they have all the spirital ‘Talk’ but they dont actually walk the walk and you may find they are even mean to others in their personal daily lives yet like to project the image of being a spiritual guru. I know,..totally confusing. Being a true Spiritual Being is ultimately about Love so it stands to reason that someone who is genuinely spiritual will be a Loving and kind individual and will of been since Childhood. Empaths have a real problem with attracting serious Narcissists. Use your judgement, and you will know whether that person is genuine or not.



On that note, I’ll end this post with Love. Just Love everybody and please stop judging others. Only God is qualified to judge. Be kind to everyone you meet, a smile might just make that persons day or even their week.

Have a great Saturday everyone!

Love, always,

SJ xo




So guys, here’s the deal. I’d like you all to try these next 5 things, and see how you feel about it. They’re very simple, don’t cost anything AND are kind to the planet. Amazing right?! Why is it important? Well, because this planet we live on is beautiful and we are here to take care of it and it’s rapidly being damaged by things like pollution and plastic. That’s to name a very small number of things that are harmful and causing deadly effects but if we just do our bit each day we could make a huge difference as a collective. Wanna get started? Step one,…

  1.  Take a canvas bag or a ‘bag for life’ when going out shopping. I have several, and I mainly use the cotton ones, they can look chic as well as being useful and you’re not paying for a plastic bag that isn’t recycled and just ends up dumped somewhere, being harmful to creatures and our planet. Plastic is an awful material and I try to avoid it as much as possible, preferring to use glass when I can instead for things in the home.
  2. Turn off your taps. You know when you’re brushing your teeth and you just leave   that tap on cause you can’t be bothered to turn it off? Yep, I’ve done that too. But, seriously, what a waste of water. I think of people in Africa, who would give anything to have a drink of water, and there’s me, humming away whilst brushing my teeth, water pouring down the plug, when I could just take a second to turn it off. I try to do this when I remember. Other things you can do is cut down on shower time, and fill the kettle and use the boiled water to wash the dishes, it can be used a few times and is water saving!
  3. Buy second hand as much as you can. This is something I do and have done for years and not sure why other people don’t do the same. If you think about it, time, energy, precious recourses are used to make products. Why buy new things when you can buy a perfectly good item for half the price! Of course, it’s nice to buy ourselves a lovely new bag sometimes or makeup. But I regularly buy second hand cds, books, dvds and sometimes clothes! Just be savvy and check if the item is of good standard and you can enjoy the item just as much as if it were bought new, at a fraction of the price AND its not using up recourses! It’s actually pretty easy to find lovely things for the home too in Charity shops and the money goes to such a good cause. Give it a go peeps!
  4. Go Vegetarian or Vegan & Dairy Free.  This is an obvious one but so many people are still eating meat and I just don’t get it. Yes a bacon sandwich is yum, but the poor pig didn’t deserve to die just so we can enjoy a tasty meal for 5 mins when a Veggie option is so much better for you, better for the pig, and super yummy. So, what’s the deal with this Dairy Free thing too?! Did you know that there is puss in cows milk? Yep,..Puss, and before an animal is killed for meat, it suffers anxiety and fear? You are basically eating anxiety and fear hormones in that meaty dish you are enjoying. Nice. And people wonder why they feel so sluggish. Veggie Burgers are SO tasty, Linda McCartney sausages are amazing! and there are some super yum alternatives to pretty much every different kind of meat going. So there are no excuses people,..go meat free!

83971865. Walk & Cycle as much as you can. Fair enough if you have to take public transport to work if you work in the city, or if the Supermarket is too far away from home. But do you really need to take that car down to the gym or to pop over to see that friend who lives nearby? Cars produce SO MUCH pollution and its really effecting our ozone layer. Walk instead. Now, I know what you may be thinking..’you’re a Model, when do you walk anywhere’?! Well I’ve gotta be honest and say I can’t drive, so I pretty much walk everywhere. And I’m glad of it. If I have to go somewhere further, then I reluctantly take the train or a bus or sometimes a Taxi. But I love to cycle and I mostly walk to everywhere I need to go which keeps my figure in shape AND also means I am walking very lightly on the planet. I am proud of the fact that I can wake up and can honestly say I do nothing that is hurting the planet and have a light Carbon Footprint. I’m not saying be like me,  you shouldn’t drive, but if you can leave that car at home sometimes, that’s amazing!


~en Provence by Paul Sandilands

So there we are friends, 5 ways you can help the planet today. I’d love to know which things inspired you, what YOU do to be more Eco, and if you have any tips for me!

As always, so much Love

SJ xo



Who doesn’t love a Designer piece in their wardrobe or make up bag?! I like most people, certainly do, but I am not a designer snob by any means. My wardrobe consists of classic high street pieces from the likes of Topshop and Oasis, down to the very affordable and even Peacocks so I am not boasting in the slightest about these following items. That being said, there is something so wonderful about owning a Chanel Lippie or a Stella Dress and the great thing is, you don’t have to fork out huge amounts of money to attain some gorgeous key pieces. A little canvas Chanel bag, that are sold on ebay for example, can be a totally affordable way of bringing something designer in to spice up your life. So read on and I hope you get some inspo on bringing a little luxury into your life.

Perfume ~ Ameridge by Givenchy

I must of been 15 years old when I first got a wiff of this perfume when I was given a Givenchy box set by my Aunt one Christmas. I got into Designers really quite young as instead of getting the latest Cosmo, my Dad used to generously buy me Vogue, and I had a huge collection of them stacked up in my bedroom. There’s something so lovely about owing a classic designer perfume, I highly recommend it. There are so many available that you are sure to find your perfect scent!

Thinking about it, it must of been the same Christmas that Dad bought me a perfume called ‘L’Interdit’ which was said to be Audrey Hepburns favourite, and I remember going into a department store in Torquay with him to order it. It’s a very special memory for me. But getting back to Ameridge,.. when I think of what the perfect perfume should smell like Ameridge hits the spot totally, and it’ll always be my favourite. It’s sweet, and as the name suggests, perfectly romantic, and I plan to wear it on my wedding day. My Mum bought me this bottle for my Birthday and it’s lasted me for years.



Dress~ Stella McCartney

I bought myself this dress when it came up on ebay, which just shows you don’t have to fork out huge amounts for the perfect dress. I was looking for something pretty to wear for my 31st birthday meal at The Palace Hotel in Paignton with my family. It’s 50% Silk, 50% Cotton, is super soft and feels really lovely to wear. My only criticism is,… it’s a little big.  I’m slim but super curvy and so it’s sometimes difficult to get dresses to fit me if they aren’t made with stretchy material, which this silk Stella Dress is not. But, I love it and feel SUPER Princessy in it.

Wearing Stella McCartney, Next and Misha Barton Handbag (1)

Dinner at The Palace Hotel Paignton (11)

Lippie ~ Chanel, Shade Edith 424

This shade is so pretty and my Dad bought it for me two Christmasses ago. I wear it only on special occasions as it’s really precious to me. It’s also a really bright summery pink and so it’s best to wear this one on a really sunny Summers day with a natural pallet clothing wise and simple accessories to really give the lips impact. I love Chanel Lipsticks, the packaging, and the light, delicate scent that only Chanel can produce.




Make Up Bag ~ Chanel

As you guys have probably guessed by now, I adore Chanel. No surprises there. So another staple is my Chanel Make Up bag which is black velvet with gold detailing. It’s the perfect size for travel as it’s quite a large bag, so as well as carrying your makeup you could fit a bottle of perfume in there too and maybe some hair products, to save space. Or if you own loads of make up this is roomy enough for a large collection. I prefer to keep my make up collection down to the bare minimum, preferring good quality products that I’ve loved forever, as well as some trusty new ones. I love how classic this bag looks and it’s super easy to keep clean and looking neat and tidy.


Lightweight Top – The Row

My favourite girls, when it comes to fashion, is Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. For me they have a spot on sense and we luckily have a very similar taste in clothes and accessories. I also adore Victoria Beckhams style. She just gets it right all the time! The Row is a high end label by the Olsen Twins. This top is super simple but great paired with so many things and a top like this is just a must in your wardrobe. It can be worn in the summer and winter, day or evening, as it’s so versatile. It’s made from 50% Modal, 50% Silk so is SUPER light and soft. It is a little see through, so I always wear a little nude cami under it but I have also worn it with a black bra underneath to give it a more lived in rock and roll vibe too. It’s great paired with jeans, skirts or black patent shorts. It’s really such a staple and a really fabulous top.




Evening Top ~Elizabeth & James

This is one of my absolute favourite tops I’ve ever owned. It’s such a fab fit, and such a sexy top. I bought it to wear for my 30th birthday meal and Cocktails at The Royal Seven Stars Hotel in Totnes. I wore it bra-less as, as you can see the back it totally sheer and I am super lucky as I have a figure much like Kate Moss and am not a big boobed girl by any means, so can go bra-less when the look calls for it. You could wear a nude bra under this little number, but it would kind of ruin the over all look really.




Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter ~YSL Touche Eclat in Shade 1 Light

I’ve had this for years and it’s totally lasted! It’s such a classic and every girl should own a Touche Eclat. The perfect item for under eye brightening and lifting, and  I bought this one as a special edition, as it’s got the little dents in it. I think I bought it in a Department store on Torquay, or I could even of bought it in Exeter, either way it’s a must have!




Wayfarer Sunglasses ~ Rayban

I remember buying these with my first big pay from a Magazine Modelling job. I was super excited as i’d wanted these for years. I was with my Mum on a shopping trip in town and bought them in Totnes high street one Summer and I’ve worn them every Summer ever since. They suit most face shapes, are super classic and go with most looks, which is what I love about them. You can dress them down or dress them up, I’m just super obsessed with them. I also love the look of the classic Aviators but for me, the Wayfarers suit me better I think.




So guys, there you have a little sneak peek into my Designer Loves and I hope you gained some ideas for yourself. Happy Royal Wedding Day tomorrow, congrats to Harry and Meghan! and I’ll be back with another post in a few days after the calories of the Scone and Cream i’ll be devouring tomorrow has been worked off!

With Love, SJ xo





Hi Guys,

It’s Saturday! And time for a Brand Review I think. Sitting here in Mangetout Coffee Shop, Totnes, I’ve realised things have slowed down a little more and become less hectic  now I’ve settled into my new flat, which leaves me more time to schedule in my Blogging more frequently. Life is right now is decorating my new flat, Blogging in Coffee shops and the Library in town (still no Wi-Fi at home) and planning my future and working on some up coming projects which i’ll be SO excited to tell you Guys about. Today though, i’ll be sharing with you a little about the AMAZING vegan, cruelty free brand Jason. I reeeally love this brand, it’s one of my total faves and a weekly staple in my beauty routine. So read on to learn more about the products you can purchase for a more beautiful you.

All mentioned products are Paraben, harsh sulfates, Petrolatum & Phthalates Free.

**Cocoa Butter Hand & Body Moisturiser

Let me start with my favourite product right now. We all love baby soft skin, some of us are obsessed with it, and I am one of those people. We’re still in the month of Spring and as the weather is very up and down still with many cold days we find ourselves reaching for a product to help and protect our skin. and this is where Jason comes in. I use this delicious moisturiser on my ankles, knees, and elbows, especially before bed. Its super rich and because it’s made with Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Cocoa Seed Butter, and Flower Extract (I believe it’s chamomile) this product is just divine to use on your skin knowing that it’s totally natural. It’s become such a favourite of mine that it will be a weekly staple for years to come. I also love the new packaging.



Body Washes:

Glowing Apricot

This Body wash promises to brighten the skin. I feel like to really feel the benefits of this it should be used on every shower occasion, and because my favourite wash is the divine RoseWater,  I’ve only used it a few times. So, I’ve yet to see the results, but will keep you posted. What I can totally account for is it’s deliciously yummy scent. It literally smells good enough to eat. Much like apricot yoghurt, and I LOVE apricot yoghurt so this is my ideal product to use in the shower! It cleanses with botanic surfactants, and nourishes with Vitamin E and pro Vitamin B5. So it’s super good for you as well as lovely to use. We all love a good body wash product, but one that smells good enough to eat as well as being good for you? Super hard to find. So I’m totally sold.

Invigorating Rosewater

This heavenly Body Wash is my favourite out of the two and is fast becoming a total staple in my routine simply because of the scent, it’s richness and creaminess. Trust me when I say,.. it smells SO beautiful. Sometimes, Rose scents can be so overpowering, but his is delicate, feminine, light and sweet. I am a fan of Rose in general. I have Roses literally all over my flat. Be it ornaments, rose oils, I even have Roses on my cutlery for Goodness Sake, so to smell like one too is the icing on top of the cake! I’m sure my shower time has increased as well?! With the same vitamins as the Apricot wash, it’s entirely nasties free and utterly delicious.


Revitalizing Wheat Germ Vitamin E Cream

If you’re looking for intense moisture therapy and if you have really dry skin I would for sure recommend Jason products. A great daily moisturiser to help combat this is Wheat Germ Vitamin E. It’s almost fragrance free, it smells really natural actually and pleasant, but of nothing specifically, and when you rub this into your skin it feels like you’re applying a tonne of goodness. That’s the only way I can describe it really. With vitamins B5, C & E and soothing Wheat Germ Oil, it is all so good for you. I’ve been using it almost daily, on my hands after washing up and any time I wash my hands, and as I’m so obsessed with keeping my skin super soft, (as you know by now) this product totally fulfils my baby soft skin needs.


and there we have it, products to use in the shower, and to use on a daily basis, at a very affordable price. You can purchase from Jasons Website here, just enter the nearest store near you:

I also want to also say as very special thanks to the lovely Tom at Kinetic Enterprises LTD for generously gifting me these wonderful products, and you can purchase these above products on their website too:


Have a lovely weekend Guys!  until next time,..

So much love, SJ xo


** my own purchase



Sat here on a busy Saturday in Totnes, with a yum Oat milk hot chocolate in one of my fave coffee shops, Mangetout, I have some REALLY exciting news to tell you Guys,…I have moved. Same town, but much nicer living environment. I’ve really been blessed to acquire a really lovely flat right in the middle of Totnes town centre and I’m loving the more cosmo vibes. With SO many Ads for Yoga classes, Ayurveda & Massage Therapy courses and all things health and wellbeing, I am totally in my element.

I’m planning to learn massage soon and to book a MUCH needed Reiki and Massage from my Masseuse Lisa at The Natural Health Clinic.

My move has been inspired by a much needed change of direction in life, and something that’s been following me since my Childhood, had to be healed in order for me to progress. The subject of Narcissistic Abuse is a controversial one, but it’s time to cover the topic in an upcoming post.

Freedom is the most important thing to me, and the situation I have now moved on from was threatening that. I am a total free spirit and to be able to have a fresh new start and to heal from Greif too is so crucial for me right now. It’s been such a positive move and I’m going to be posting more on what Beauty Treatments and Shopping Experiences are to be had in this town, so stay tuned for that!

I’ve been so ecstatic to share this post with you Guys, coming up next is my experience with the wonderful Cruelty Free and Vegan friendly beauty brand, Jason, which I have been obsessing over lately!

I want to say a very special thanks to my lovely ex next door neighbour Gerald and his boys for helping me make this transition!

Till next time, much love

SJ xo