I hope everyone is having a really lovely Saturday. Grab a warming beverage, especially if you are in the UK (you will need it!) and enjoy this post about the amazing Cruelty Free Nail Polish brand Zoya *Not an Ad*

These polishes are REALLY impressive and have been a favourite of mine for the past, I’d say, 4 years. I really only tend to wear Zoya now if I am going to do my nails, as they have a vast range of every colour imaginable and are all super pretty. Retailing at around the £11.70 mark, they are on the pricier range, but if your budget can afford it, here is why they are worth every penny:

~ They are ‘BIG10 Free’, meaning there’s no toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, parabens, TPHP, xylene, ethyl tosylamide, dibutyl phthalate or lead. SO impressive! Vegan and Animal Cruelty Free too. Now can you see why I fell in love? Here are my Top 3:

From the gorgeous ‘Satins’ range, which I happened to love so much I wore ALL the time around Christmas, is ‘Leah‘ (right) which is a gorgeous pastle grey/slight purple toned polish and ‘Ana‘ (left) a light pinky/cream pastle.


Ana is perfect for Nail Art as you can see here (Christmassy nails):

and Leah is just a gorgeous pastle grey (please excuse the jammy dodger guys, I was going through a spurt of eating naughties which I thankfully have since curbed again)


Lastly a fave cute glossy nude of mine, is Loretta (middle):




and lastly, here are the Polishes in the daylight just to give you an idea of the tones from a different perspective.


Buy Cruelty Free whenever possible, the Universe will thank you…

So much Love ❤



Hi Guys,

Yesterday was Pancake Day here in the UK, and it’s one of my favourite days of the year. Who doesn’t love yummy Pancakes after dinner with some fruit or the traditional Lemon Juice and Sugar?! Lately I’ve been loving caramelized Banana with Maple Syrup combo.

I started the day with a long food Fast from the night before as lately I’ve been finding myself needing the clarity and grounding that it provides. I am a dreamy person and find myself naturally in a dreamy state for most of the day, I tend to daydream ALOT and so I need any extra help I can get with grounding and clarity. So my day started with a 17 hour fast, only drinking hot lemon water with a sprinkle of Himalayan Sea Salt and a Clipper White Tea with Vanilla no milk, late afternoon. I also caught up with some emails and drafted a few post ideas coming up for this blog. So stay tuned for those 🙂 I went for a short walk in my Neighbourhood getting some much needed fresh air, it’s so cold here that cozy evenings in with a blanket and the heating on are must at the moment, and so it’s nice to go for a short brisk walk while it’s still light. I’m also integrating more breathing exercises these days to help ground the energy and to also deal with the grieving process. Breathing exercises are so beneficial, and meditation has always been one of my fave practices so I like to take a few moments during the day to quieten the mind and connect to God/Spirit. During the afternoon I read an email waiting in my inbox from a lovely girl called Maya who is in a beautiful Twin Flame union with her other half. It’s so nice to be in contact with other Twin Flames as I am also in the process of uniting with my gorgeous other half ❤ If you want to check out my lovely friends Youtube Channel, go here, and be sure to give her channel some Love 🙂

Now onto what I ate for dinner and most importantly….Pancakes!! I made a super yum nourishing Macro Bowl consisting of Organic Sweet Potatoes, White Rice, Dulce Seaweed,  Shoyu toasted Sunflower Seeds, Pickled Beets, Carrots and Spinach. I also added Ground Ginger, Turmeric and a pinch of Himalayan Pink fine Sea Salt and pepper for seasoning,..soooo satisfying.




I made the Pancake with half Spelt and half Gluten Free White Flour (because I ran out of Spelt!) 1 Organic Egg, Rude Health Almond Milk and a pinch of salt, saving half the mixture for another day. I had been baking half a Banana-Chopped, some Raspberries, Blueberries and Medjool Dates in the oven, so I served the Pancake with the Baked Fruit, topping the whole thing off with Maple Syrup, with Cinnamon and Maple on the hot fruit..pure heaven on a plate!


For supper I made Jamaican Banana Fritters which were also decadent but delicious. For the sweetness, I added Coconut Sugar instead of white sugar, and I added Maple Syrup on top of the fritters too! If in doubt,..use Maple Syrup, on everything! 😀 I fried them in Coconut Oil (Please excuse the burnt Fritter, I wasn’t going to pass on any of these little babies as they are too good to miss even if it is slightly over done)


I love events like Pancake Day, Easter, Christmas, etc, any chance to cozy up with good food on a cold evening is my idea of Bliss. Get yourself a warm soft tube scarf, and fluffy slipper socks and your good to go. I’ve been literally living in mine this whole month! 🙂 I also can’t wait for Spring right now, one of my favourite seasons, and I’m feeling ready for the gifts that 2018 is sure to bring.

I’d love to know what your fave comfort food has been on these cold Winter Days, and also how you celebrated Pancake Day. Till next time,…

So much Love,

SJ xo



Hi Guys,

Oh this is a post that I’ve been meaning to write for a while now. Along with my ‘50 Facts About Me’ post (see here: ) I find these a challenge, really because I am not a self-focused person. I have learnt that I’ve got 4 of my personal planets in my Astrology Birth Chart in the house of Libra. In other words meaning  my whole world is about the ‘other’ in my life. Specifically romantically, but it can also mean friends, colleagues or the world in general. I find it particularly uncomfortable with any focus on myself, that being said, I feel you guys deserve to know me a little better because you’ve been so faithful and lovely, asking for autographs across the globe!, and being particularly supportive most recently with the passing of my Father.

So here goes: 10 Intimate Facts about Me.

  1. Until the age of 11, I was brought up in the Religion the ‘Jehovah’s Witnesses’, which originates from America. One of its most famous followers was Michael Jackson (I’m his biggest fan by the way, but not because of that reason)
  2. My dream has always been to be a Singer or an Actress.
  3. When I was 4 years old, I drew a picture in pen of my Father, and called it ‘Mr Potato Head’ because I basically made him look like a huge potato with stick legs. It was framed and exhibited in his Art Exhibition along side his paintings (yes,..really!) and had a write up in the local paper about it, and here’s the funny part, was a bigger article than Dads write up! Lol, so sorry Dad.. (he loved this story).
  4. My most favourite song of all time is probably ‘Summertime Sadness’ by Lana Del Rey.
  5. My favourite flowers are white Roses, but I also love Red too. I just love Roses!
  6. When I was in my early 20’s I went through an ‘Emo’ and ‘Scene’ phase. Thank goodness there are no photos of this craziness.
  7. My body measurements are 34′ 25′ 35′ which is not typical for a modern Model. I have what’s known as an ‘hourglass’ body shape which was more typical in the 40’s and 50’s. That’s why I love to Model in ‘Retro’ and ‘Vintage’ inspired photo shoots.
  8. I would LOVE to be in a Tame Impala music video.
  9. I love reading Poetry.
  10. My personality is very contradictory. I can be shy and even prudish, but mostly by nature i’m a total free spirit, so you can imagine the struggles I have!






I hope you enjoyed getting to know me that much better. I really enjoyed writing this post, in actuality, more that I imagined I would. So thank you for your support, as always..

Love SJ xo




Hey Guys!!

I’m back after a personally tough time. But I feel I couldn’t go through the whole of January without discussing some of the beauty products and things I’ve been absolutely loving this month. Firstly though,..did everyone have a great Christmas & New Year?!! Mine was quiet and reflective,..very different from my usual Christmas craziness.

How about I start with the gorgeous Vegan Organic Eye Serum by NEEK that my sister bought me for Christmas? I wont go through all the deets of this little beauty in this post as I’ve already blogged about it in my previous post and don’t want to bore you, but if you’ve not checked that one out yet, you can here here: I use it most evenings before bed to keep my eye area really moisturised and rejuvenated.


Next is my to-die-for Hand and Body Cocoa Butter by Jason. It is divine guys, and i’m not even joking, it’s one of my fave finds ever! It smells so delish, much like the famous The Body Shop body butters, and is rich and creamy, sinks into the skin like a dream and to top it off its Paraben, SLS, Petrolatum, artificial colours and Phthalates free!!! How amazing!! I serious cannot stop using this before bed and after a shower for yummy smelling smooth skin. I’ll be using it for years to come too I think.

For the day time I’ve been using GOSH Lip Liner in Antique Rose. These Lip Liners are waterproof  with fab colour pigmentation, they contain Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil and are Perfume free. They aren’t totally free from but c’mon guys, for a drug store Lip Liner I think that’s soo great. If you cant get totally free from then a brand like GOSH is amazing and I’ve using so many of their products right now. I usually wear this under my fave Revlon slightly frosted light pink Liner. It makes for a lovely cold season base for most lippies as it enhances what you already have. It’s a deep Rose, which is perfect for me.


Now on to the main reason for this post and an amazing little product. *Ben & Anna are a couple who have come up with the most incredible, free from, all natural origin, cruelty free Deodorant range. I was kindly sent the Provence, Vanilla Orchid and Pink Grapefruit ones to try and I have to say my fave is.. Vanilla Orchid 🙂 Yes, you guys know me well and my obsession with anything Vanilla! Pink Grapefruit is delish smelling too and I would totally recommend this brand and these two fragrances. Probably the most feminine ones in the range, they are perfect for keeping you protected. I would even probably say to go out on a limb here, that this is the best Vegan Deodorant I’ve come across yet. So please give this couple and their cute company some love and purchase one of these little babies, wont regret it!


At Christmas I bought a cute little Yankee Candle called Moonlight, which I keep on my desk and I sometimes get a little wiff of the sent while i’m working which is so lovely. It’s a very pretty, floral scent and is a great pick me up, so I thought i’d include this in my January Favourites. I cant bring myself to light it though,’s too pretty!

My favourite beverage at the moment for these cold winter evenings is Three Ginger by Pukka teas. It’s a delish blend of , Galangal, Golden Turmeric and Ginger and is soooo refreshing, warming and uplifting. But the main reason for my purchasing is because Ginger is known to help sooth an irritated tummy and after all the Christmas naughtiness goodness knows my tummy needs some extra TLC (yes, Cakes, Wheat, Quality Street, Pastries, Mince Pies, Dairy and Crisps were consumed on almost a daily basis. I go ALL OUT at Christmas, no guilt,.. just yumminess)   😉

So there we have it! My fave January things that i’ll also be using in the months to come as well i’m sure.  I hope you enjoyed this post and got some ideas from it.

Happy new Year Guys!!

SJ xo

*In collaboration with


Hello Everyone!

Happy new year and I hope you had an amazing Christmas!! Thank you so much for following my Blog last year and I hope we can continue to share this journey into this year and beyond. I really value my followers and readers and I’m going to take this time to say that I have many exciting things coming up this year for my Blog and my new Youtube Channel. I feel it’s now time to expand on my Blog and take it into the visual public arena.  So thanks again, and enjoy reading about these gorge new products I was given as a Christmas present from my Sister this year. NEEK is an Australian brand, and I love how it mentions ‘Tested on sisters and not animals’ on the back of the packaging! 🙂

Firstly I LOVE the packaging. It’s chic, simple and very aesthetically pleasing to me.  I was given the ‘Miss Devine Active Face Cleanser’ and the ‘Wide Lovely Eyes Eye Serum’. If the lovely names are not enough to make you want to try these products, I don’t know what is. Both products are made with totally Vegan, natural and Organic ingredients. I love the little touch of the inspirational quotes underneath the lid, my favourite being by Maya Angelou.

The Cleanser contains the plant Horsetail which is known for its anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Bladderwrack (ok, these names sound like they are straight out of a Harry Potter movie I’ve got to be honest!) which contains A,C,E and G vitamins which is great for reversing the sign of aging.

The Eye Serum contains Jojoba Oil which is a great natural substitute for the wax in our skin that we tend to loose as we age, and also Macadamia Seed Oil as it’s high in fats and has amazing moisturising  properties. Both products smell really pleasant and natural, as you would expect from the completely clean ingredients.

You can buy the NEEK range plus these lovely products on their website:

and thank you to my Sister for the lovely Christmas gifts xo

*This has not been a paid Ad










Guys, so here’s the deal. I am by nature a very private person and like to keep my private life as sacred as I can. But,.. it’s time you knew a little more about me so….. enjoy reading 50 random facts about me and getting to know me a little better 🙂

  1. I ❤ the sound of owls at night.
  2. I think Bumblebees are super cute.
  3. My favourite hair colour on a guy is Black.
  4. One of my fave treats is Vanilla Coke,..I love it.
  5. When I was a kid I had platinum blonde hair.
  6. I was one of the tallest kids at Primary School, nearly as tall as I am now.
  7. I was useless at Sports at school but I always wanted to be a Dancer or Cheerleader.
  8. I’ve only ever been in love with one person, and I met him in a dream before real life. Total love of my life.
  9. I believe there is only 1 person for everyone.
  10. I’ve been in love with the character Edward Scissorhands (I know it’s weird, don’t laugh) since I was about 14 😀
  11. I’ve never been stung by a Bee or Wasp. (..thank Goodness!)
  12. I love Vanilla. Literally Vanilla anything, tea, perfume, lip balm and in my food 🙂
  13. My fave designer is Chanel.
  14. My favourite animal and spirit animal is a Cat,..I love how chill they are.
  15. I have TWO favourite colours..Turquoise and Purple.
  16. I have a mole on my face in the same place as Marilyn Monroes.
  17. I have two dimples in my right cheek that only appeared in my 20s!
  18. I used to hate Olives but now I love them.
  19. My Dad always said I should of been a Nurse.
  20. I adore movies from the 40’s and 50’s.
  21. I ❤ margarita Pizza SO much..too much.
  22. I come across as sassy but I’m actually really shy 😉
  23. I cherish my relationship with God.
  24. I was born with a condition called Talipes Equinovarus and had to have an operation on my foot when I was 4 years old.
  25. My favourite Disney film is ‘Sleeping Beauty’ but ‘The Little Mermaid’ and ‘The Aristocats’ come a close second. (I was obsessed with ‘The little Mermaid’ when I was 5 years old!) 🙂
  26. My style icons are Victoria Beckham and The Olsen Twins in the 00’s.
  27. My childhood celeb crush was Scott Baio from Bugsy Malone.
  28. My favourite sweets (besides chocolate!) are fizzy bubblegum bottles.
  29. I went to Ballet classes when I was 8, Irish Dance classes at 14, and Tap/Jazz when I was 25.
  30. My fave all time movie is ‘Moulin Rouge’.
  31. My favourite female Singer is Lana Del Rey.
  32. and My favourite movie when I was a kid was ‘The sound of Music’ which leads me onto…
  33. When I grew up I wanted to be a Nun.
  34. I was entered 24th place in ‘Cornwalls Sexy top 50’ list in January of this year
  35. and was entered 22nd place in ‘Cornwalls top 50 Models’ too.
  36. I hate getting sweaty when working out or getting sweaty at all, that’s why I love Pilates 🙂
  37. Mum says I remind her of Disney princess Snow White.
  38. I STILL have to take ID with me if I want to buy alcohol anywhere!
  39. My fave daily perfume is Britney Spears Fantasy but my fave all time perfume is Amerige by Givenchy.
  40. One of my ex boyfriends has my name tattooed within a heart on his arm.
  41. I am terrified of spiders.
  42. My favourite cocktail is a Bellini.
  43. My star sign is Virgo.
  44. When I was really young my family and I lived in a Caravan.
  45. I can’t wear jewellery in the bath or shower…it makes me feel funny.
  46. My nickname at High School was ‘Plastic legs’.. cause I liked wearing skirts and nude tights.. and the boys thought I had legs like a Barbie (what?!)
  47. I am VERY indecisive,.. it takes me forever to decide on meals to order, places to go..I’m always weighing up the options and it drives people crazy. 😀
  48. In my teen years and early 20’s my favourite party drink of choice was a Peach Schnapps and I always had to have a black straw! (lol)

and if you’ve got this far,…well done you!! 🙂 ❤


49. I hate the feeling of wearing PJs in bed, I don’t.

50. I’m a bit of a gamer geek girl,…I love playing PlayStation games.


There we go Guy’s!!! I hope you’ve enjoyed this and I wish you all a super lovely Christmas with all your family and friends. I will see you in the new year.

Lot’s of Love,

Sarah-Jane xox ❤

15401108_1359138750771184_7405013172113189530_n (2)


Hey Guys,

I am a big fan of daily supplements, but not so obsessed that I feel I have to take too many to feel healthy. Besides, I would forget to take everything if I had more than 3 things to take! (lol) The girls in Greenlife, Totnes very kindly gave me two things to try to see how I got on with them. So I decided to include them into my routine to see if they made me feel any different. The first one I tried was the Silidyn -Strong Bones, Connective Tissues, Hair, Skin, Nails.

Silidyn’s mineral ingredients, Zinc, Selenium and Manganese, contribute to the maintenance of normal bones, hair, skin and nails, support the normal functioning of the immune system and healthy formation of connective tissues. Which is amazing. So I take 8 drops of this every morning in around half a glass of mineral water. Retailing at £19.95 which is not too expensive for an all around multi mineral supplement. In all honesty, I have yet to feel/see the benefits of this one but, I’m sure it’s working. I will give it more time, then maybe give you Guys an update, so stay tuned.

The second is the (actually quite tasty) Turmeric Spray by Better You.

Turmeric contains Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and comes in a yummy Orange flavour. The idea is you just spray it into your cheek as there’s better absorption into the blood this way as opposed to tablet form. Which I think is excellent as I am a terrible pill swallower (I hate doing it) Turmeric has many amazing health benefits, and for you guys who like to take a more Holistic Approach to your regimen, this is perfect. It retails at £17.95

Both of these products can be purchased at Greenlife:

Lastly, I take a multi strain probiotic for my tummy every day and my probiotic of choice is by Bio-Kult. I love how you can sprinkle the contents of the capsule onto food and take it that way, which is idea for pill swallowing avoiders like me 🙂 It’s very important to keep your stomach happy and healthy.

This post has been in collaboration with GreenLife in Totnes, Devon.

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*This post is in collaboration with Eat Real Snacks



Two Saturdays ago, my Mum suggested we go to her current favourite coffee shop to try some hot chocolate she had told me I MUST try. So we made a date.  I started my Morning off with a berry, veg, cacao, and Ayurvedic superfood powder infused Smoothie which is incredible and super good for you. Before heading to the Coffee shop we stopped by a cute store I’ve never been in before but always looked at when I walked past, and it’s called ‘Earth.Food.Love’.




It’s honestly one of my new favourite stores. There’s everything from ground herbs & spices to planet friendly toothbrushes, homeware, and every other Eco Essential under the sun. The staff are wonderful, friendly, chatty and very helpful. So please visit this place if you’re ever visiting Totnes. There was lots of hustle and bustle with relaxed vibes which shows how popular the store is. I purchased some Cinnamon and a little glass jar to store it in, mini wooded spoon included for just under £4. Super cute! Go ahead and give them a ‘like’ on Facebook:




We then headed to the infamous (because of my Mums constant mentioning) ‘The Hairy Barista’ Coffee Shop, which is one of the most delightful little place’s I’ve seen for a while. I usually have to visit a Coffee Shop at some point on a Saturday as there is nothing nicer for me than catching up for a chat over a hot drink in a buzzy little place. The seating area is all ground level so when you’re  looking out of the window it feels really funny to be watching shoppers pass by just above you. It feels like a cozy hide-out, and to my delight there is an actual ‘choice’ of hot chocolates! Strong (which my Mum gets) or the milder, lighter one which I chose, and it was.. super tasty, creamy, and yet made completely dairy free! The levels of strength are determined by the cacao powder used. Mum had hers with Oat Milk which is sooo good. I chose my usual Almond Milk. As I got up to leave I couldn’t resist checking out the many cakes and sweet things on the counter. I definitely have to try the delicious looking GF Red Velvet Cake next time I visit. See more info here:

My milder Hot Chocolate:


Mums stronger one in her Reusable Eco Cup:


The scrumptious looking delights at The Hairy Baristas, Totnes.


After some shopping in GreenLife and Superdrug, we then decided to go to The Royal Seven Stars for a plate of chips to share which rounded off the afternoon really nicely. The hotel is a family favourite here in Totnes. I arranged my Mums surprise 50th Birthday meal where all her friends and family were waiting, to be held there, and I had my 30th Birthday Meal there with family and friends. Lastly, I snacked on my favourite Eat Real Veggie Straws of which they were so kind to send me a huge box of their crisps and snacks. They are sooo healthy and a great way to satisfy a crisp craving without eating lots of salt, preservatives and other unmentionable nastiness. So, Guys, I hope you enjoyed my post. Please visit Totnes if you are in Devon, as it’s a quirky, friendly, amazing little town with lot’s to do and interesting people to meet.




SJ xo



Lulu & Boo Organics and Centella


It’s official. Autumn has arrived. and it’s just under a week before Halloween!! I’m loving my long hot showers in the evenings and homemade stewed Apples with Raisins, Cinnamon and Nutmeg, to help balance the Vata Dosha. Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle is totally my thing right now.

Without further ado, here’s my current night time routine Guys. Enjoy!

Firstly I put my hair up in a messy bun. I always take my mascara off by rubbing a little Vita Coco Coconut Oil into my lashes, and then into my skin. Yes, it makes me look like a Panda, but hey it’s all coming off with Superdrug’s own brand Baby wipes, which are an absolute staple for me.  They are fragrance, colour, paraben, and animal cruelty free which are a total must for me. I then head into the shower with a little naturally derived Cleanser, from ‘Aromatika’ in Totnes. Using the gorgeous natural *Vanilla Body Scrub from Lulu and Boo Organics, I scrubbed my ankles, legs, knees, hips and bottom, stomach, arms and elbows. Anywhere I felt needed a little invigoration. I love the smell of this scrub,’s so deliciously edible! The packaging is also cute and looks lovely in your bathroom. It’s made with Organic Brown Sugar, Coconut Butter, Almond and Jojoba Oil to moisturise, helping to reveal soft glowing skin. How could a girl refuse?!  I then washed my hair with my current fave shampoo & conditioner, pinned my hair up to let the conditioner work it’s magic while I get on with washing my body with the totally yummy shower wash that I’m absolutely loving right now. Another vegan, naturally derived product that just make my shower time that much better. I use a Gillette disposable razor and I love these cause turquoise is my fave colour, you will find that I choose many things based on their colour (it’s important, c’ome on Guys!!)

IMG_6083 (2)




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After I got out of the shower I massaged Coconut Oil into my body and then applied Cliniques Moisture Surge onto my face, dropped a few drops of Lavender oil onto my pillow, then went to bed for my Z’s.

Stay tuned for my ‘Typical Saturday in Totnes’ post coming up next and a big thanks to The Macrobiotic Shop-(*this post is in collaboration with) for gifting me this yum Body Scrub. Buy it here:


Fragrance has always been so important to me. I’ve always been the kind of girl you find at the perfume counters in department stores smelling literally all the perfumes to find a new favourite. But to be honest, I always go back to my trusty Givenchy Perfume. It’s a staple for me and my signature scent. My love of high end perfumes started when I was 15 and was given a box set of mini Givenchy perfumes from my Aunt. I also remember my Father buying me a perfume called ‘L’Interdit’ by Givenchy that Christmas and I remember reading that it was a favourite of Audrey Hepburn. So, whilst all my friends were spraying ‘Impulse’ I was there with my Givenchy. Don’t get me wrong, I was a total body spray girl too, in particular the ‘So…?’ range and anything with a Vanilla Scent. But there is just something so lovely about a designer perfume and for me ‘Amarige’ by Givenchy is my all time favourite. Clockwise from top: ‘Paradise Body Mist’ by Superdrug, this is a light Tangerine/Green Tea/Vanilla scent and perfect for every day. ‘Amarige by Givenchy, my all time fave, I’ve also worn this on many a Photo Shoot. ‘Vanilla Dream Perfumed Oil ‘by Sacred Scent, this was given to me as gift from my Sister on her return from travels to India. I know she bought it there so I’m sorry but I don’t know where it’s available to buy. This is a completely natural perfumed oil and smells delish. ‘Island Vanilla’ by Pacifica* is my perfect every day that I use on top of the Paradise Body Mist. Thanks to Greenlife in Totnes, I was generously given this perfume. Which is funny as I was already a fan of this scent and carry around the rollerball mini in my handbag! How synchronistic! I suppose that a Vanilla base is probably my favourite scent ever and so this natural perfume is perfect for me. ‘Fantasy’ by Britney Spears has been a staple since I was a teen and I wear this for a fun day shopping, meals out with family or friends or the cinema.  It’s really a fun and youthful scent that is timeless, so I’ll always be a big fan of this one.





*This post has been in collaboration with ‘GreenLife’, Totnes. You can find the whole Pacifica Perfume range at this store Guys. Go check it out!