So guys, here’s the deal. I’d like you all to try these next 5 things, and see how you feel about it. They’re very simple, don’t cost anything AND are kind to the planet. Amazing right?! Why is it important? Well, because this planet we live on is beautiful and we are here to take care of it and it’s rapidly being damaged by things like pollution and plastic. That’s to name a very small number of things that are harmful and causing deadly effects but if we just do our bit each day we could make a huge difference as a collective. Wanna get started? Step one,…

  1.  Take a canvas bag or a ‘bag for life’ when going out shopping. I have several, and I mainly use the cotton ones, they can look chic as well as being useful and you’re not paying for a plastic bag that isn’t recycled and just ends up dumped somewhere, being harmful to creatures and our planet. Plastic is an awful material and I try to avoid it as much as possible, preferring to use glass when I can instead for things in the home.
  2. Turn off your taps. You know when you’re brushing your teeth and you just leave   that tap on cause you can’t be bothered to turn it off? Yep, I’ve done that too. But, seriously, what a waste of water. I think of people in Africa, who would give anything to have a drink of water, and there’s me, humming away whilst brushing my teeth, water pouring down the plug, when I could just take a second to turn it off. I try to do this when I remember. Other things you can do is cut down on shower time, and fill the kettle and use the boiled water to wash the dishes, it can be used a few times and is water saving!
  3. Buy second hand as much as you can. This is something I do and have done for years and not sure why other people don’t do the same. If you think about it, time, energy, precious recourses are used to make products. Why buy new things when you can buy a perfectly good item for half the price! Of course, it’s nice to buy ourselves a lovely new bag sometimes or makeup. But I regularly buy second hand cds, books, dvds and sometimes clothes! Just be savvy and check if the item is of good standard and you can enjoy the item just as much as if it were bought new, at a fraction of the price AND its not using up recourses! It’s actually pretty easy to find lovely things for the home too in Charity shops and the money goes to such a good cause. Give it a go peeps!
  4. Go Vegetarian or Vegan & Dairy Free.  This is an obvious one but so many people are still eating meat and I just don’t get it. Yes a bacon sandwich is yum, but the poor pig didn’t deserve to die just so we can enjoy a tasty meal for 5 mins when a Veggie option is so much better for you, better for the pig, and super yummy. So, what’s the deal with this Dairy Free thing too?! Did you know that there is puss in cows milk? Yep,..Puss, and before an animal is killed for meat, it suffers anxiety and fear? You are basically eating anxiety and fear hormones in that meaty dish you are enjoying. Nice. And people wonder why they feel so sluggish. Veggie Burgers are SO tasty, Linda McCartney sausages are amazing! and there are some super yum alternatives to pretty much every different kind of meat going. So there are no excuses people,..go meat free!

83971865. Walk & Cycle as much as you can. Fair enough if you have to take public transport to work if you work in the city, or if the Supermarket is too far away from home. But do you really need to take that car down to the gym or to pop over to see that friend who lives nearby? Cars produce SO MUCH pollution and its really effecting our ozone layer. Walk instead. Now, I know what you may be thinking..’you’re a Model, when do you walk anywhere’?! Well I’ve gotta be honest and say I can’t drive, so I pretty much walk everywhere. And I’m glad of it. If I have to go somewhere further, then I reluctantly take the train or a bus or sometimes a Taxi. But I love to cycle and I mostly walk to everywhere I need to go which keeps my figure in shape AND also means I am walking very lightly on the planet. I am proud of the fact that I can wake up and can honestly say I do nothing that is hurting the planet and have a light Carbon Footprint. I’m not saying be like me,  you shouldn’t drive, but if you can leave that car at home sometimes, that’s amazing!


~en Provence by Paul Sandilands

So there we are friends, 5 ways you can help the planet today. I’d love to know which things inspired you, what YOU do to be more Eco, and if you have any tips for me!

As always, so much Love

SJ xo




Who doesn’t love a Designer piece in their wardrobe or make up bag?! I like most people, certainly do, but I am not a designer snob by any means. My wardrobe consists of classic high street pieces from the likes of Topshop and Oasis, down to the very affordable Boohoo.com and even Peacocks so I am not boasting in the slightest about these following items. That being said, there is something so wonderful about owning a Chanel Lippie or a Stella Dress and the great thing is, you don’t have to fork out huge amounts of money to attain some gorgeous key pieces. A little canvas Chanel bag, that are sold on ebay for example, can be a totally affordable way of bringing something designer in to spice up your life. So read on and I hope you get some inspo on bringing a little luxury into your life.

Perfume ~ Ameridge by Givenchy

I must of been 15 years old when I first got a wiff of this perfume when I was given a Givenchy box set by my Aunt one Christmas. I got into Designers really quite young as instead of getting the latest Cosmo, my Dad used to generously buy me Vogue, and I had a huge collection of them stacked up in my bedroom. There’s something so lovely about owing a classic designer perfume, I highly recommend it. There are so many available that you are sure to find your perfect scent!

Thinking about it, it must of been the same Christmas that Dad bought me a perfume called ‘L’Interdit’ which was said to be Audrey Hepburns favourite, and I remember going into a department store in Torquay with him to order it. It’s a very special memory for me. But getting back to Ameridge,.. when I think of what the perfect perfume should smell like Ameridge hits the spot totally, and it’ll always be my favourite. It’s sweet, and as the name suggests, perfectly romantic, and I plan to wear it on my wedding day. My Mum bought me this bottle for my Birthday and it’s lasted me for years.



Dress~ Stella McCartney

I bought myself this dress when it came up on ebay, which just shows you don’t have to fork out huge amounts for the perfect dress. I was looking for something pretty to wear for my 31st birthday meal at The Palace Hotel in Paignton with my family. It’s 50% Silk, 50% Cotton, is super soft and feels really lovely to wear. My only criticism is,… it’s a little big.  I’m slim but super curvy and so it’s sometimes difficult to get dresses to fit me if they aren’t made with stretchy material, which this silk Stella Dress is not. But, I love it and feel SUPER Princessy in it.

Wearing Stella McCartney, Next and Misha Barton Handbag (1)

Dinner at The Palace Hotel Paignton (11)

Lippie ~ Chanel, Shade Edith 424

This shade is so pretty and my Dad bought it for me two Christmasses ago. I wear it only on special occasions as it’s really precious to me. It’s also a really bright summery pink and so it’s best to wear this one on a really sunny Summers day with a natural pallet clothing wise and simple accessories to really give the lips impact. I love Chanel Lipsticks, the packaging, and the light, delicate scent that only Chanel can produce.




Make Up Bag ~ Chanel

As you guys have probably guessed by now, I adore Chanel. No surprises there. So another staple is my Chanel Make Up bag which is black velvet with gold detailing. It’s the perfect size for travel as it’s quite a large bag, so as well as carrying your makeup you could fit a bottle of perfume in there too and maybe some hair products, to save space. Or if you own loads of make up this is roomy enough for a large collection. I prefer to keep my make up collection down to the bare minimum, preferring good quality products that I’ve loved forever, as well as some trusty new ones. I love how classic this bag looks and it’s super easy to keep clean and looking neat and tidy.


Lightweight Top – The Row

My favourite girls, when it comes to fashion, is Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. For me they have a spot on sense and we luckily have a very similar taste in clothes and accessories. I also adore Victoria Beckhams style. She just gets it right all the time! The Row is a high end label by the Olsen Twins. This top is super simple but great paired with so many things and a top like this is just a must in your wardrobe. It can be worn in the summer and winter, day or evening, as it’s so versatile. It’s made from 50% Modal, 50% Silk so is SUPER light and soft. It is a little see through, so I always wear a little nude cami under it but I have also worn it with a black bra underneath to give it a more lived in rock and roll vibe too. It’s great paired with jeans, skirts or black patent shorts. It’s really such a staple and a really fabulous top.




Evening Top ~Elizabeth & James

This is one of my absolute favourite tops I’ve ever owned. It’s such a fab fit, and such a sexy top. I bought it to wear for my 30th birthday meal and Cocktails at The Royal Seven Stars Hotel in Totnes. I wore it bra-less as, as you can see the back it totally sheer and I am super lucky as I have a figure much like Kate Moss and am not a big boobed girl by any means, so can go bra-less when the look calls for it. You could wear a nude bra under this little number, but it would kind of ruin the over all look really.




Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter ~YSL Touche Eclat in Shade 1 Light

I’ve had this for years and it’s totally lasted! It’s such a classic and every girl should own a Touche Eclat. The perfect item for under eye brightening and lifting, and  I bought this one as a special edition, as it’s got the little dents in it. I think I bought it in a Department store on Torquay, or I could even of bought it in Exeter, either way it’s a must have!




Wayfarer Sunglasses ~ Rayban

I remember buying these with my first big pay from a Magazine Modelling job. I was super excited as i’d wanted these for years. I was with my Mum on a shopping trip in town and bought them in Totnes high street one Summer and I’ve worn them every Summer ever since. They suit most face shapes, are super classic and go with most looks, which is what I love about them. You can dress them down or dress them up, I’m just super obsessed with them. I also love the look of the classic Aviators but for me, the Wayfarers suit me better I think.




So guys, there you have a little sneak peek into my Designer Loves and I hope you gained some ideas for yourself. Happy Royal Wedding Day tomorrow, congrats to Harry and Meghan! and I’ll be back with another post in a few days after the calories of the Scone and Cream i’ll be devouring tomorrow has been worked off!

With Love, SJ xo





Hi Guys,

It’s Saturday! And time for a Brand Review I think. Sitting here in Mangetout Coffee Shop, Totnes, I’ve realised things have slowed down a little more and become less hectic  now I’ve settled into my new flat, which leaves me more time to schedule in my Blogging more frequently. Life is right now is decorating my new flat, Blogging in Coffee shops and the Library in town (still no Wi-Fi at home) and planning my future and working on some up coming projects which i’ll be SO excited to tell you Guys about. Today though, i’ll be sharing with you a little about the AMAZING vegan, cruelty free brand Jason. I reeeally love this brand, it’s one of my total faves and a weekly staple in my beauty routine. So read on to learn more about the products you can purchase for a more beautiful you.

All mentioned products are Paraben, harsh sulfates, Petrolatum & Phthalates Free.

**Cocoa Butter Hand & Body Moisturiser

Let me start with my favourite product right now. We all love baby soft skin, some of us are obsessed with it, and I am one of those people. We’re still in the month of Spring and as the weather is very up and down still with many cold days we find ourselves reaching for a product to help and protect our skin. and this is where Jason comes in. I use this delicious moisturiser on my ankles, knees, and elbows, especially before bed. Its super rich and because it’s made with Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Cocoa Seed Butter, and Flower Extract (I believe it’s chamomile) this product is just divine to use on your skin knowing that it’s totally natural. It’s become such a favourite of mine that it will be a weekly staple for years to come. I also love the new packaging.



Body Washes:

Glowing Apricot

This Body wash promises to brighten the skin. I feel like to really feel the benefits of this it should be used on every shower occasion, and because my favourite wash is the divine RoseWater,  I’ve only used it a few times. So, I’ve yet to see the results, but will keep you posted. What I can totally account for is it’s deliciously yummy scent. It literally smells good enough to eat. Much like apricot yoghurt, and I LOVE apricot yoghurt so this is my ideal product to use in the shower! It cleanses with botanic surfactants, and nourishes with Vitamin E and pro Vitamin B5. So it’s super good for you as well as lovely to use. We all love a good body wash product, but one that smells good enough to eat as well as being good for you? Super hard to find. So I’m totally sold.

Invigorating Rosewater

This heavenly Body Wash is my favourite out of the two and is fast becoming a total staple in my routine simply because of the scent, it’s richness and creaminess. Trust me when I say,.. it smells SO beautiful. Sometimes, Rose scents can be so overpowering, but his is delicate, feminine, light and sweet. I am a fan of Rose in general. I have Roses literally all over my flat. Be it ornaments, rose oils, I even have Roses on my cutlery for Goodness Sake, so to smell like one too is the icing on top of the cake! I’m sure my shower time has increased as well?! With the same vitamins as the Apricot wash, it’s entirely nasties free and utterly delicious.


Revitalizing Wheat Germ Vitamin E Cream

If you’re looking for intense moisture therapy and if you have really dry skin I would for sure recommend Jason products. A great daily moisturiser to help combat this is Wheat Germ Vitamin E. It’s almost fragrance free, it smells really natural actually and pleasant, but of nothing specifically, and when you rub this into your skin it feels like you’re applying a tonne of goodness. That’s the only way I can describe it really. With vitamins B5, C & E and soothing Wheat Germ Oil, it is all so good for you. I’ve been using it almost daily, on my hands after washing up and any time I wash my hands, and as I’m so obsessed with keeping my skin super soft, (as you know by now) this product totally fulfils my baby soft skin needs.


and there we have it, products to use in the shower, and to use on a daily basis, at a very affordable price. You can purchase from Jasons Website here, just enter the nearest store near you: http://www.jason-personalcare.com/locator

I also want to also say as very special thanks to the lovely Tom at Kinetic Enterprises LTD for generously gifting me these wonderful products, and you can purchase these above products on their website too: https://www.kinetic4health.co.uk/


Have a lovely weekend Guys!  until next time,..

So much love, SJ xo


** my own purchase



Sat here on a busy Saturday in Totnes, with a yum Oat milk hot chocolate in one of my fave coffee shops, Mangetout, I have some REALLY exciting news to tell you Guys,…I have moved. Same town, but much nicer living environment. I’ve really been blessed to acquire a really lovely flat right in the middle of Totnes town centre and I’m loving the more cosmo vibes. With SO many Ads for Yoga classes, Ayurveda & Massage Therapy courses and all things health and wellbeing, I am totally in my element.

I’m planning to learn massage soon and to book a MUCH needed Reiki and Massage from my Masseuse Lisa at The Natural Health Clinic.

My move has been inspired by a much needed change of direction in life, and something that’s been following me since my Childhood, had to be healed in order for me to progress. The subject of Narcissistic Abuse is a controversial one, but it’s time to cover the topic in an upcoming post.

Freedom is the most important thing to me, and the situation I have now moved on from was threatening that. I am a total free spirit and to be able to have a fresh new start and to heal from Greif too is so crucial for me right now. It’s been such a positive move and I’m going to be posting more on what Beauty Treatments and Shopping Experiences are to be had in this town, so stay tuned for that!

I’ve been so ecstatic to share this post with you Guys, coming up next is my experience with the wonderful Cruelty Free and Vegan friendly beauty brand, Jason, which I have been obsessing over lately!

I want to say a very special thanks to my lovely ex next door neighbour Gerald and his boys for helping me make this transition!

Till next time, much love

SJ xo





Hello Everyone,

Are you excited for Easter Sunday? I definitely am. I love any public holiday as it’s the biggest excuse to enjoy some super yum vegan chocolate, spend some time with my Mum and go on a Chick hunt. I’m not sure what we’ll be doing over the weekend yet, but as long as it involves chocolate and some fluffy cute little critters, i’m good! 🙂 On a very naughty note, I happen to love Cadburys Mini Eggs a little too much, but will be restricting my intake this year as they’re made with dairy. This is the thing about holidays, Cadburys is everywhere and I am such a sucker for the sweet stuff. What is great is that you can get mini boxes of mini eggs!…how cute! So i’ll be getting one of those and not feeling too guilty. Mum has always gotten me an egg since I was really young, and she is a Vegan which is fantastic! I’ve been told she’s got me a Vegan chocolate egg,  so I’m really curious to know what the brand is. At least my main Egg is not so naughty.

I love Spring, it’s just so rejuvenating and exciting. Brand new starts and cycles and cute lambs being born, fluffy chicks and gorgeous buds everywhere. Spring is beautiful!



~Both of these Spring flowers are blooming near my house.


I’m still loving Macrobowls, Miso Soup and loving warming dishes laden with Spices and goodness.



I also pulled a card for you Guys for over this Easter Weekend.

If you see this card, or resonate with it, the message is for you 💗 so take some time over the Easter Weekend to connect with nature, take a walk in a park or somewhere peaceful 🦋 if you can’t get outside, enjoy plants in your home and look out of the windows at the sky and birds Archangel Jophiels name means ‘Beauty of God’ 🌸Have a lovely Easter Weekend everyone!!

Lot’s of Love xo



*Quick update for you guys: Mum and I, on Saturday, went to the beautiful Dartington Hall here in Devon, for a walk before we ate some vegan buttered hot cross buns, hot chocolate that I had in my flask, and some delish cakes that she had bought, with, wait for it….mini eggs on top! Heaven. We were blessed to see the cutest little Robin who was hiding in the bush beside where we had sat to relax for a while during our walk. Apparently, Robins are messengers, so I wondered what message was he had for us that day, and we decided that next time we’ll take some food in case we see our little friend again.


~He was so close to us and so cute!

Mum generously gave me a super tasty Vegan Chocolate Egg by Moo Free, which is one of my fave vegan chocolate brands. This one is made with bits of honeycomb though which is really good. It tastes a little like a crunchie (but it’s guilt free).


So, I’ve been devouring this egg for the past two days and it’ll probably be gone by tonight!



Super Healthy Smoothie

Yesterday, I told you guys on my Instastories that i’d share the recipe to my really healthy warm breakfast smoothie that I’ve been having a lot recently. It’s so good for you and really yum, so here it is:

  • 1 handful Spinach
  • A few Strawberries
  • A handful of Blueberries
  • 1 Half Banana
  • 3 Tablespoons Oats
  • Oat or Almond Milk (As much as you like)
  • 1/2 tsp Ashwagandha Powder
  • 1/2 tsp He Shou Wo Powder
  • 1/2 tsp Maca Powder

Blend, and you’ve got a really nourishing warming start to the day. I don’t think it’s such a good idea to have cold smoothies right now as the weather is still pretty cold here, so I would always recommend to go with your instincts on what your body feels like having and enjoy!

Till next time,

Much Love, SJ xo

Keep up with me on Instagram: Sarah_JaneMorgan for updates throughout the day. I’d love to see you there! ❤




~Dad in Nurburgring, Nurburg, Germany.

This is going to be a very emotional post for me as on the 21st of this month was what would of been Dads 79th Birthday. The first birthday since he passed away on the 5th of January this year. I want to say thank you to you Guys for creating a safe space for me to share my life with you. It means so much, as that was what my Dad was to me, a great love. This is my Tribute to a person who taught me so much, and was very unique. I invite you to get to know the person who was my ‘Superman’ when I was a little girl and my confidant when I grew up.


-Dad with his truck in the 1960’s.

Jon W Morgan

Dad was born in Wilmington, Dartford, Kent, right at the end of the 1930s. I imagine him to of been a cheeky chappy and very alert when he was younger in his little grey school uniform shorts and blazer (or pull over), what did they wear back then?!  I have only ever seen 1 photo of him when he was little, and I was so engrossed in the picture, never being able to imagine what he looked like when he was a kid. Dad was 45 when I was born. Some of the many, many jobs he had over the years were Photographer, Truck Driver, Removals man, and Artist. He was very enterprising, and ran his own businesses a lot. He had a way with people that was just so inspiring, he knew how to get a job done, making so many friends and acquaintances along the way. If I could sum up Dad in one word (which is sooo hard) I would say ‘Friendly’. He would do anything for anyone, was so generous of his time. Dad was a unique person in the truest sense of the word and his loves were painting, motorcycling, sailing, playing snooker/pool, watching movies, and photography. When I was a kid, he would tuck me up in bed and put on ‘Glen Campbells greatest hits’ for me to fall asleep to after a busy day at school, or a day spend horse riding and going to the pictures to see films like ‘Casper’, ‘Spice Girls the movie’ and ‘The Lion King’.

Holding Dads painting

-Holding one of Dads beautiful paintings for an Exhibition.


-Daddies Girl

My friends always loved chatting with him when I was growing up and when I found myself living with Dad and 4 Cats when I was 14 (my parents had split by this time) he became my no 1 protector. I had a very tough time in my school years and Dad would be there for me, walking me into town, or wherever I needed to go. He was such a great friend on that level. He was a tall guy at 6’2 with a big build, and I loved to hold his arm, he made me feel safe. Boys had no chance getting near me when Dad was around! 🙂

I remember fondly, Dad setting such an example when I was growing up that I knew my future man would have to be special, as Dads example of what a man should be was such a strong one in my life. He had a perfect balance though, and was good friends with a few of my boyfriends of the time, so he wasn’t totally scary. He was excellent. I remember with warmth, the fact that my sister and I had meals that mainly consisted of chicken pies, gravy, boiled potatoes, carrots and brussel sprouts, pasties, and chinese takeaways. Dad was a wicked pasty maker and LOVED a takeaway. He was a sensitive, empathic soul and guided me to be the person I am today.

-Dads Art is such an inspiration to me


-Dad loved Piglets,and at Pennywell Farm, in Devon, we made some furry friends…


I was with Dad when he was diagnosed at Wonford Hospital in Exeter with Lung Cancer in the Summer of 2015. Throughout every brave stage he went through, my younger sister and I sharing the journey with him, he battled on in the most admirable way. For example, even when he was feeling rough he would insist on meeting me in Exeter and we’d go shopping together. He had such patience for me when I shopped in Zara or H&M, and I would go to check on him every 5 minutes. He never dreamed of allowing his illness to affect another person. He fought so hard.

-The Old Firehouse, Exeter, one of our favourite places to eat.

He passed away peacefully on the Twelfth Night of Christmas 2018 at Rowcroft Hospice, in Torquay, a year after the doctors had given him to live, with angels around him and his family by his side.

I want to say a heartfelt thank you, to every single person who treated Dad at Wonford Hospital. To the Macmillan support Nurses, to Dads Doctors and finally to the beautiful staff at Rowcroft Hospice. You helped to make every stage of Dads journey and ours with him, so much more bearable, with your warmth and kindness.

Dad leaves a big gap in my life, as you can imagine. He was the love of my life when I was growing up and I came to respect Dad on a different level when I was older. I was around 22 when I left home to live in Torquay. Dad was such a strong character, with so many memories, adventures shared, ups and downs and life in general being his daughter, it would be impossible to express them all in one post.

I leave the words ‘Thank You’ with him and, I love you Dad. Here is a song for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emDU4QvdwVk

Widdy ❤


-Dad enjoying a sail on the boat close to his heart. It was Mum & Dads home, before I was born, and the current owners kindly took Dad for one last sail.



Hi Guys!!

I hope all you lovely Mums out there had a wonderful Sunday. Mothers Day is such a nice time of the year to celebrate this day on as the first signs of Spring are well on their way and it’s so fitting that nature is beginning to blossom again after the Winter. The days have a buzz about them again and a fresh new perspective is so attainable for the upcoming year, the perfect time to celebrate this day! I always think of Daffodils, Chocolates, Flowers and Cake on Mothers Day for some reason. Maybe it’s because those are things I’ve always bought my own Mum on this day through the years. But Guys,.. this year was different, because I made an Afternoon Tea for my Mum and I, totally from scratch. We also decided on meeting on the Saturday, pre-Mothers Day. We headed off to a family favourite, Buckfastleigh Abbey, here in Devon. We parked among the trees and the weather was gorgeous! It was a very moving and bittersweet day as it’s the first Mothers Day since Dad passed away, so for the sake of family privacy I wont share everything we did,  But I DO want to share what we ate, as it was if I can say myself, quite delish.


Firstly, I made some hot Sweet Potato, Carrot and Onion Soup with a dash of Coconut oil and Salt and Pepper, which was so welcome as it was a little chilly, flasks come so in handy for this kind of thing. We had it with Afternoon Tea style Sandwiches. Mum and I can’t digest Wheat very well so I made them with super yummy Spelt and Honey Bread from our local shop (thanks Londis!) Mums had a Mediterranean-feel filling of Olives,  Peppers, Vegan Mayo and Cheese. Mine was traditional Egg and Vegan Mayo. Now, you may wonder why on earth I opt for Vegan Mayo when I’m eating Eggs too, as some people consider Eggs dairy, but, I simply don’t like the thought of consuming Milk whereas I feel eggs have many health benefits that I just don’t want to remove from my diet at the moment. This may change as my diet is never set in stone. Egg Mayo and cress is one of my fave fillings in the world, so I just take out the dairy Mayo and feel better about it 🙂 I always use dairy free Spread too.


After a blessed visit to the Abbey, a walk and a yum Oatly Hot Choc that Mum kindly bought us both from the local coffee shop, we ate the rest of the Afternoon Tea. I had made everything apart from the sandwiches, the night before and was totally in the creative zone all evening and so went to bed sooo tired but happy. Vegan Chocolate chip Almond Cookies a la Niomi Smart were up next as were Gwyneth Paltrows Sweet Potato Five Spice Muffins. Both these delights are super healthy and have been a staple in my diet for many weeks. Great to have with a cup of tea and absolutely no guilt. SO simple to make too.

I also added some treats, some of my fave Bubblegum Bottle Sweets and Strawberry Bonbons, also a few Cadburys Mini Eggs which mum and I love a bit too much at this time of year. A bit of dairy every now and again is fine in my book as long as it’s not much and the sweets are worth it, and Mini Eggs are a total treat.


It was so nice to share the afternoon with Mum, and I was super delighted that she enjoyed the food, especially the Soup! and coming from her (who is a very talented cook) that was so lovely to know.

Until next time,…

Loads of Love xo


I love photo shooting on the beach, it’s probably my most favourite setting and it makes me really happy. Dressed up as a kick-some-butt action girl with a gun is all well and good for a one off but I love to be outside and being the free spirit that I am, it makes me so joyous to be around nature and in the sunshine.

So, enjoy this video of my Photo Shoot for BDM Publications back in Summer 2014, and show it some love if your feeling it.


Love you guys, as always ❤



This is an extremely important topic and one that’s very close to my heart. I absolutely love this planet with all its beauty and blessings, but I cannot stand that Animals are still being tortured for the sake of making a ‘fashion statement’. You can buy amazing pieces that look like the real deal, it’s called Faux Fur. There is no excuse, in the times we are living in with all the cruelty free options available to us, to be promoting animal abuse.

Yes, a fur jacket looks stylish but it looked even better on the animal from which it belonged to in the first place.

If you are with me on this, and I really hope you are Guys, please take a few secs to sign these petitions:

To ban fur from London Fashion Week: https://www.change.org/p/british-fashion-council-ban-fur-from-london-fashion-week-2

To ban the sale of animal fur in the UK: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/200888

This has all got me to thinking that even wearing or using leather is cruelty so I am working on giving away anything from my wardrobe that contains leather and rethinking ever buying any leather bags, purses or footwear in the future. By doing our bit together we can make huge changes and for the creatures that are sharing this planet with us, they are supposed to be protected by us. They are our friends, it’s really as simple as that.

So on a different note,.. I took this pic yesterday of my new layers and I’m loving being Blonde again at the moment 🙂 Just thought I’d share that!

Layers-March 2018


Love you Guys,

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I love Porridge and eat it most mornings after Yoga. It’s especially yummy in the Autumn and Winter months but I will be including a great Summer alternative below. I believe we should eat according to the seasons and so I’m loving nice hot bowls of Organic Porridge at the moment. In these cold months we should focus on keeping ourselves warm to keep our digestive system harmoniously working alongside the environment outside of ourselves. It creates balance, which is what we all need in our lives and gives us amazing fuel to start the day. Porridge on its own can be quite basic so here are 3 of my favourite ways to eat it.


Autumnal Porridge

I’ve been opting for this one most mornings recently and it keeps me full and satisfied until Lunch. It’s probably my favourite out of the 3. For this delish, warming start to the day I use:

  •  Half a cup of Organic Porridge Oats
  • Half a cup of Water
  • Half a cup of Oatly Oat Milk
  • Half an Organic Apple
  • 2 Large Organic Madjool Dates-Chopped
  • Small handful of Walnuts
  • Quarter Tsp Cinnamon
  • Drizzle Pure Maple Syrup

Simply add the chopped Apple into the Oats on the heat, and lighly toast the Walnuts in a pan. Then add the Porridge to a bowl, topping it off with the super delish chopped Dates, the toasted Walnuts, a sprinkling of Cinnamon and lastly a lovely drizzle of Maple Syrup.



Tropical Porridge

This one is so good in the Spring and Summer but also works as an alternative to the Autumnal if you want a change. Prepare the Porridge the same way as above substituting the Apple for Raisins, and top with:

  • Organic Dried Apricots
  • Desiccated Coconut
  •  Maple Syrup



Yummy Five Spice Porridge

Guys, if you’ve never tried five spice in Porridge, you simply HAVE to at some point in your life. It makes the most yummy sweetly spiced brekkie. Think oven baked bun mixture. It’s SO tasty so really calls for the title I’ve given it. This is my own recipe. Prepare Porridge the same as above adding:

  • Quarter tsp Five Spice
  • Half small Banana
  • Drop Vanilla Extract (optional)
  • Drizzle Maple syrup-for topping


I want to add that I love to use wooden utensils while preparing Porridge and especially a traditional Scottish tool called a Spurtle.



I’m sure it makes the porridge taste that much better, hah! It also helps to have a favourite cute bowl to present it in, little things make meal times so much more enjoyable. I will sometimes add a drop of milk if the Porridge is too thick and I also add Sunflower or Pumpkin seeds for added Protein and Nutrients to all three dishes whenever takes my fancy.

Enjoy these alternative ways of preparing Porridge and make Breakfast a gorgeous, balanced and healthy start to the day!

SJ xo